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  1. Send me a PM and we can go from there.
  2. Hello. I have been a long time user here at tribot and want to get back to botting. Most of the time, I simply used my bitcoins to pay for credits, however now I want to use a credit card. When I try to pay via stripe or similar, it tells me the card is suspected of fraudulent activities.When I try to use PayPal, it tells me the same thing even though I verified my account.Can you please send me an invoice for $32 so that I can pay with paypal ? I have given you guys lots of money in the past, I do not know why you would think that this is a fraudulent activity.My username is fdfretes. Please let me know how we can work this out ASAP.
  3. really ? is this new ? cause I just got back to botting...didnt need vip-e before... is vip-e a must for looking glass ? cause ive spent all my bitcoins on this now
  4. Just purchased 60 days via bitcoins, its been around 5 minutes and I can only see the free version on the client...any ideas ?
  5. What happens if I disconnect or the pvp world gets DDOS'd...does it log back in ?