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  1. I've used this program a little bit Rake and i never experienced it being stuck within edgy bank wall. What I'd recommend is babysit ur bot for first few trips test it out see how it runs. then when feeling comfortable to afk and leave it do so.
  2. No I was not using looking glass
  3. what about after 1 year when the offense is expired what happens if i bot then? will i get a 2 day temp or would it be an official perm
  4. I'm not expecting to come back around seeing my account being perm banned am I? After the 1 day is up?
  5. Last location before getting banned?: Clan wars bank Skill botted?: Combat Breaks or no? no If so how long?: How long did you bot per day?: Depends. But when I was banned it was only running for 1.5 hours Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Bot Busting Moderate "2 days at first. Then randomly went down to 1 day within the first 2 hrs" VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No Scripts Used? ExRunecrafter, Zulrah Slayer, Agility Pro v2, Ftwprofisher, nmz script all premiums Other Bots Used?: None How many bots at a time were being run?: 2 Date banned?: 04/14/2016 around 10am-11am Fresh account/Days acc used? Almost 10 years old.
  6. anyway we can see the scepter being utilize more and also have it go to mummy with x amount of x type artifacts to recharge it ?
  7. Hey is there any other way the bot will take u to zulrah if u dont have those expensive zul-andra teleport scrolls? i mean i have high enough agi to cross the shortcut if the script will take you to a fairy ring. edit: nvm on this post as i submitted it i just read up above haha. edit2: does this support the casting's of vengeance?
  8. main. how would jagex know that im botting i mean im not rcing like 24/7 unlike some unlucky people. just like 3-5k deaths then i stop for a while
  9. Does this script currently or will ever support lunar humidify spell to refill waterskins at quarry?
  10. Why doesnt the script just world hop from the game's screen rather then logout then switch worlds? edit: well i guess the script would still need to know ur bank pin though.
  11. I read in previous post back in march that solo nat running is currently a high ban rate atm. Is this still true? And if so does it matter if your doing any rune such as deaths? that gives it a high risk rate of ban
  12. why does this bot only last about 30-45mins doing its job which is really good btw. but then logg me off?
  13. Im currently trying out the trial to see if i'd be interested in this script im using mouse keys to drop the leaping fish and its messing up quite a bit when tryin to drop the last remainder 3-4 fish in random spots of the invo.
  14. I purchased a 2 weeks sub. for this script 2 nights ago, and its suddenly gone from my tribot client account? its disappeared