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  1. Serpent

    Tribot issues

    Found the issue, ty anyway for helping me
  2. Serpent

    Tribot issues

    I am missing that, i have no clue what happened and where it is
  3. Serpent

    Tribot issues

    Not the case, the thing is inside the "META-INF" "obf" "resources" "org" files, there is no "client" file to open the runescape "tribot" client with, i have no clue where it is and what happened!
  4. Serpent

    Tribot issues

    There is just 4 files when i download this "meta-inf "org" "obf" "resources" and the client file is not in them, idk where the f it is
  5. Serpent

    Tribot issues

    I am wondering how to open tribot, i dont seem to find the file to open tribot client with, where can i get it from?
  6. Ty bro, this script was great untill i got banned on my main acc, glad i didn't run the script on my pure or my voider thank you anyway for this script it was working well, except it was slow, the reaction time should have been fixing. Anyway on the real, fuck why did i buy this script.
  7. Something is wrong with this, i have been using this for a long time and trained like over 10m mage xp easily with this script, for some reason its making only 10k magic xp per hour and 20 points in the alchemy yard, it used to make around 65k/h. What am i doing wrong?
  8. I don't clearly understand why is 80+ def one of the requirements, i have a voider with 85 range 85 mage 42 def could it work?
  9. MLM v4.1 is having issues, it keeps getting stuck in one spot like every 20-30min
  10. I am quite new to botting, what can i do to minimize the risk of getting caught while botting?
  11. Serpent

    Need some advice on botting

    Well i try look like as normal as i can, but do you have any other similar money making bots like motherload?
  12. Serpent

    Need some advice on botting

    Like whenever i create a bot it gets banned in like 3 hours. I also have 3 p2p accounts i got banned on two acc's for two days after i tried motherload bot for only 3 hours. So can anyone explain to me why i keep getting banned on those accounts?