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  1. Ill buy it all if you can find a middle man.
  2. 'bout to hit the 24 hr Mark on my VIPE voucher purchase, I made the purchase yesterday I haven't recieved it yet.9.50 was sent to your paypal. I'd really like to get back to cheating, and playing the game unfairly
  3. where can I find the info to get my credits so i can download the bot from the repository as I have previously purchased the script already. the first page doesn't mention anything and it would be tedious to pruse through 150 pages , so alternatively i messaged you on Skype so I can start chinning again.
  4. I will add my two cents in!!!!!!!!!!!! I was using lobsters as well and my bot refused to eat.
  5. i need to download the new script how do i redownload the script?
  6. im 77 hours with 5k hops......0 phats 0 yoyo's what the fck i've tried 4 different locations and i got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I tried four different locations total the barb longhall found a rare but it was offscreen... lvl 14 edge found a rare but it was offscreen other than that I've been dry
  8. http://i.imgur.com/TOQxPrN.jpg just posting my huge successs story. 50+ hours about 4k hops 0 Phats I'm doing great.
  9. fk this sht i give up http://i.imgur.com/r4xrFSx.jpg three different locations and 3 phats that it said were offscreen in wide open areas so i haven't gotten sht doesn't make sense.
  10. im at the wildy spot in above edge and itt's an open area i don't get how the bot can't reach it. i missed otu on 3 party hats because of this i highly doubt the phats in wildy by the tombstone are out of reach it's an open area.
  11. yeah expirements is really hot even if u use a more advanced script like aio autofighter it's still risky as hell
  12. are u still selling for above avg market price? or will these prices be updated cus i don't mind doing buisness.
  13. Everyone that's stuck on tele let's talk about what youre gonna spend your points on.
  14. just had tux MiddleMan for me and he did it for free , he's definately a professional at this I don't even get how other people stay in buisness when he does it for free, and perfectly as well. Details: He middlemaned for me and Turbo for a 20m 07 rsp transaction which went through smoothly and succesfully
  15. thanks im just looking for a seller now the last guy was a dick and wasted my time
  16. it found a green halloween mask than died w/o tele'ing. edit: no worries, My ring of life didn't go off either so i'm guessing something destroyed me but im confused as to who seeing as I have 30 hp hence im pretty low on the combat scale. i was in wildy. kinda annoyed i died with mask
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