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  1. Ill buy it all if you can find a middle man.
  2. 'bout to hit the 24 hr Mark on my VIPE voucher purchase, I made the purchase yesterday I haven't recieved it yet.9.50 was sent to your paypal. I'd really like to get back to cheating, and playing the game unfairly
  3. where can I find the info to get my credits so i can download the bot from the repository as I have previously purchased the script already. the first page doesn't mention anything and it would be tedious to pruse through 150 pages , so alternatively i messaged you on Skype so I can start chinning again.
  4. I will add my two cents in!!!!!!!!!!!! I was using lobsters as well and my bot refused to eat.
  5. i need to download the new script how do i redownload the script?
  6. im 77 hours with 5k hops......0 phats 0 yoyo's what the fck i've tried 4 different locations and i got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I tried four different locations total the barb longhall found a rare but it was offscreen... lvl 14 edge found a rare but it was offscreen other than that I've been dry
  8. http://i.imgur.com/TOQxPrN.jpg just posting my huge successs story. 50+ hours about 4k hops 0 Phats I'm doing great.
  9. fk this sht i give up http://i.imgur.com/r4xrFSx.jpg three different locations and 3 phats that it said were offscreen in wide open areas so i haven't gotten sht doesn't make sense.
  10. im at the wildy spot in above edge and itt's an open area i don't get how the bot can't reach it. i missed otu on 3 party hats because of this i highly doubt the phats in wildy by the tombstone are out of reach it's an open area.
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