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  1. @Usa Just trialed this and everything worked very well. Only complain was that it got stuck in a DMM world. It probably misclicked because I am aware you pushed a fixed for this. Anyone else got this problem?
  2. @erickho123 Down right now and in need of 8 credits for VIPe. Any ETA on when maintenance will be done? Thanks
  3. It will if you tick pick up pouches (who wouldn't). There is a rare chance it'll be lost because the pker might be camping the same spot when you try to retrieve it. Only thing it doesn't pick back up is boots of lightness
  4. Do you have proof, or are you just spitting bs because of your past experiences? There are scripts on here that have been running for years (e.g. Encoded's fisher). Scripts can be written poorly or well done and if you look at his fisher, you can see a fuckton of multiple days progress report and that's soemthing
  5. My main on RS3 is maxed and I botted 12 skills to 99 (dg to 115). 3 years later, still with me
  6. WELCOME! I look forward to your future scripts
  7. There are no specific guidelines on how to avoid bans on a mule. Don't hold gp you're not willing to lose and cash out regularly. You're doing things right by separating the mule slaves, so you may have just been unlucky
  8. RS3 is not supported at Tribot
  9. wat botting sofware last long n no ban??
  10. I had 4 of them and I can tell you that they were pretty much undetectable 24/7. They were like 100k-150k/h at most. Converted them for a different purpose now tho
  11. All Erick said was to fill out a proper bug report, so it is compiled and easily read. It doesn't matter how big of an issue it is because you're no different than the last person that filled a bug report. You didn't even provide the ACTUAL problem with the script. You only explained the problem. Doesn't matter how well you explained it, you didn't provide the debug, screenshot, version, script trace, etc, so how can he know your actual problem against what you're explaining? No need to be so obscene and coarse because at the end of the day, if someone called you a dick with your guns blazing bitching attitude, would you still help them?
  12. Not sure if it has been suggested before but would withdrawing an extra glory when there is only 1 charge left be appropriate? The chances of anyone having footage of it occurring is insanely low