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  1. He obviously doesn't care about support of this script or his users, he responded to simple questions months ago yet ignores all the countless bug reports. nice way to treat users lmao?
  2. NPCS are showing null in debug/ open bank banker is down @Todd
  3. What was The mouse clicking pause that was removed @Todd
  4. Gets stuck walking back and forth on the first door *facepalm*
  5. Try posting under the scripts thread and request it be updated to the functional hopper, if the developer is active still that shouldn’t be any trouble
  6. @leoshiro the in-game hopper is working fine for me I’m my scripts
  7. When In combat it continues to click on the npc every few seconds until it dies, as if it’s not detecting the player is in combat @daxmagex
  8. This should help people waiting on a lg fix ?
  9. Quest guide, poll both, and mage Dialogs get stuck in loops from new chat messages @erickho123
  10. Login bot also having problems
  11. I take my .java and copy the code and it entirety, past it into a txt doc and zip it , and upload @Netami
  12. @Netami Is it possible to get upload banned? I can’t imagine why this would be. My requests are getting denied with no message as to why, as well I know my script runs fine with no errors. Just to be sure I wasn’t missing something I created a new simple “hello world” type script and attempted to upload to the repository and that as well got denied without a message.
  13. Have you noticed any improvement @Netami
  14. It seems now my update attempts are being declined without a message as to why
  15. As far as I understand no new scripts can be uploaded as well as no existing scripts updated? At least this is what I’m experiencing
  16. Any admins working on a fix? @Fluffee @Todd @TRiLeZ
  17. I have updated source code to a script and has been stuck pending for 24 hours @Todd @Fluffee @TRiLeZ
  18. That was the issue, although oracle required me to create a full account to downloaded earlier releases.
  19. Could you link the proper jdk/jre if possible
  20. I am receiving this error when hitting the start button after compiling my local scripts, [14:51:15] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported class file major version 56 then this in client debug [14:51:31] Error Loading Local Script: test! i have tried uninstalling java jre/jdk multiple times but no results, Also i should mention that every-time i reinstall java tribot refuses to open and i have to use the jar fixing program recommend here on the forums then it opens. http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
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