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  1. pureleaf

    TRiBot Release 10.13_0

    does tho
  2. pureleaf

    Pureleaf's private messenger

  3. pureleaf

    TRiBot Release 10.13_0

  4. Can someone please explain how to use auto account creation? what are the string and number options on the right for? do i copy them into the password,username and email boxs? every combination i use i get a error.
  5. lots of bugs too many for me to individually list... has me wondering if this was even tested before upating?
  6. Yo I need authorization, my name is tortusportus

  7. pureleaf

    Stack over flow

    rewrote the code and is running great.
  8. pureleaf

    Stack over flow

    Thanks guys @IceKontroI @Naton
  9. pureleaf

    Stack over flow

    ik ik
  10. pureleaf

    Stack over flow

    int items_to_pick_up_IDs[] = {22355,22358}; RSArea bank = new RSArea( new RSTile(3167,3488,0), new RSTile(3167,3491,0) ); private boolean bank(){ println("Inventory full, banking"); if (WebWalking.walkTo(bank.getRandomTile())){ sleep(700); while (Player.isMoving()){ sleep(100); } } if (Banking.openBankBanker()){ while (Player.isMoving()){ sleep(100); } Banking.depositAll(); Banking.close(); sleep(100); } else { println("Failed to click bank"); sleep(200); return bank(); } return loot(); } private boolean loot() { if (Inventory.isFull()) { return bank(); } RSGroundItem[] all_ground_items = GroundItems.findNearest(items_to_pick_up_IDs); if (all_ground_items.length > 0 && all_ground_items[0].isClickable()) { all_ground_items[0].click("Take " + all_ground_items[0].getDefinition().getName()); sleep(50); while (Player.isMoving()) { sleep(50); } } if (all_ground_items.length > 0 && all_ground_items[0].isClickable() != true) { if (all_ground_items != null) { Walking.walkTo(all_ground_items[0]); } } else { sleep(200); return loot(); } return loot(); }
  11. pureleaf

    Stack over flow

    Basically in the "looting" boolean there is a ground item i call "itemstoloot" that filters the nearest items with the IDS of the items I want to loot. this Loop repeated every 200 ms if nothing is found. The list of IDS is amout 40 items lol. I believe its because it has tpo check this large list ever 200 ms? @Naton
  12. pureleaf

    Stack over flow

    @Naton Its a wildy looting script. It Has to sort through a large list of items to see if there on the ground. The script will run for 30-60 minutes before the over flow.