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  1. pureleaf

    Appealing a 2 day ban

    Mostly givin to higher level accs
  2. pureleaf

    Chaos temple bone burier

    @HeyImJamie Not bad for afk f2p prayer for some free levels
  3. pureleaf

    source code

    @Naton Yes
  4. pureleaf

    Ammonite script request

  5. pureleaf

    Chaos temple bone burier

    Forgot to mention this loots bones then bury
  6. pureleaf

    Chaos temple bone burier

  7. pureleaf

    ANTI BAN idea

    Agreed @IceKontroI
  8. pureleaf

    ANTI BAN idea

    I've noticed almost every script on tribot doesn't implement this as well as its not in the API. I believe as humans and something I notice myself do is when i move my cursor to a target i almost never land the cursor directly on the target, but a inch or 2 behind it then move back to correct my self. I believe that since almost all scripts land directly on the target every time and never over shoot the distance this is noticeable and picked up. Surprised its not already in the API would love to see it implementeed. @TRiLeZ
  9. I spoke too soon. Accounts are getting stuck at random points throughout tutorial island. One account could make it through one phase meanwhile some get stuck. Very unreliable and inconsistent. Recommend using ex tutorial less headache
  10. accounts are also getting stuck. 5 out of 5 of my account broke within 5 minutes of start. as of right now unusable
  11. pureleaf

    Pureleaf's private messenger

    Pureleaf's Private messenger The highly requested Private messenger is here! FEATURES - Message customization - Random message selection - Tracks amount of players added - Tracks amount of players messaged - Displays the updated amount of players to message - Opens world hopper when appropriate - highlights targeted player Get it here - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2782