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  1. I take my .java and copy the code and it entirety, past it into a txt doc and zip it , and upload @Netami
  2. @Netami Is it possible to get upload banned? I can’t imagine why this would be. My requests are getting denied with no message as to why, as well I know my script runs fine with no errors. Just to be sure I wasn’t missing something I created a new simple “hello world” type script and attempted to upload to the repository and that as well got denied without a message.
  3. Have you noticed any improvement @Netami
  4. It seems now my update attempts are being declined without a message as to why
  5. As far as I understand no new scripts can be uploaded as well as no existing scripts updated? At least this is what I’m experiencing
  6. Any admins working on a fix? @Fluffee @Todd @TRiLeZ
  7. I have updated source code to a script and has been stuck pending for 24 hours @Todd @Fluffee @TRiLeZ
  8. That was the issue, although oracle required me to create a full account to downloaded earlier releases.
  9. Could you link the proper jdk/jre if possible
  10. I am receiving this error when hitting the start button after compiling my local scripts, [14:51:15] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported class file major version 56 then this in client debug [14:51:31] Error Loading Local Script: test! i have tried uninstalling java jre/jdk multiple times but no results, Also i should mention that every-time i reinstall java tribot refuses to open and i have to use the jar fixing program recommend here on the forums then it opens. http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  11. Can someone please explain how to use auto account creation? what are the string and number options on the right for? do i copy them into the password,username and email boxs? every combination i use i get a error.
  12. lots of bugs too many for me to individually list... has me wondering if this was even tested before upating?
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