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  1. #1 curser on Tribot, isnt broken like almost all other curser scripts.
  2. Cant seem to find out the requirements to start selling premium scripts.
  3. Questions about the script?
  4. hey saw your post about enfilade's Easel a while back. do you happen to have a download link?, thanks :)


  5. I'm using AtTemple in the run method as the "mainboolean"
  6. private boolean AtTemple() { if (Magic.isSpellSelected()) { grabwine(); } else { selectandhover(); } return true; } @Override public void run() { while (AtTemple()) { } } }
  7. im using the mainboolean in my run method, when i try to declare private boolean Mainboolean = true at the top of my code it wont acknowledge that it is ever used
  8. i just cant get the mainboolean to = true says is not used
  9. @montreal176 i get Class"main Boolean" is never used when i type public class main Boolean
  10. @montreal176 i tryed your example but cant set the main boolean to true?
  11. The script checks for a item value, if the value <1 the character logouts. My problem is after the character logs out the script continues to run and then start preforming the login bot. any suggestions on how i can end the script after the logout method returns true?
  12. thanks for the help guys, first week scripting thanks for the troubleshooting info....
  13. My code returns with a error "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0". it is because the item im trying to get has not spawned yet. how could i creat a array that will look for a item that is not spawned in yet?
  14. When my bot chops down a tree,it clicks where the tree just was even though its gone, heres my code..... public class Chopper extends Script implements Painting { private final int TREE_ID = 1276; private RSObject[] Trees; private RSObject NearestTree; private final int LOG_ID = 1511; @Override public void run() { while (atTrees()) { } } private boolean atTrees() { if (Inventory.isFull()){ dropwood(); } else { chopwood(); } return true; } private void dropwood() { if (Inventory.isFull()){ Inventory.drop(LOG_ID); } } private void chopwood() { //Finding the nearest tree within 8 units away Trees = org.tribot.api2007.Objects.findNearest(8, TREE_ID); //taking the closest tree found and setting it equal to "NearestTree" NearestTree = Trees[0]; //of the player is doinging nothing and is not moving click tree if(Player.getAnimation() == -1 && !Player.isMoving()){ //if the tree is on screen , click the tree /sleep for 1000 miliseconds if (NearestTree.isOnScreen()) { NearestTree.getModel().click(); sleep(1000); //else walk to the tree then click it } else { while (!Walking.walkTo(NearestTree.getPosition())); NearestTree.click(); } } }