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  1. Hey, When the script automatically switches to guthans and reaches the HP level that is required to switch back, it dont seem to be switching back to my original gear; Leaf Battle Axe, Warrior helm, obsidian legs and chest. All it re equips is the battleaxe at of the armour. it keeps guthans on
  2. Is there anyway you could add it so if you run out of prayer pots it automatically mixes the pots 1/2/3 doses into 4 doses ?
  3. Fixed, i started the script with attack style selected, elso the inventory and settings tap on the GUI is grayed out and cant click on it
  4. When i attack with full DH, its automatically changing my combat style to train attack now what i've selected which was strength training
  5. Ahh sweet. Was just making sure you knew just in case it was a problem with the script after update ?
  6. OSRS Update on 26/04/2018 - The bot now does not click attack on the dragons just right clicks and dont move
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