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  1. Damn, if you made a nieve and duradel slayer script. Do you know how many max combat accounts and gp brought into the game you will be responsible for? You'd be a very bad man.
  2. There's 3 things off the top of my head that I know tribot needs in the premium script section. A nieve and duradel slayer script, a complete slayer one just seems like too much. considering it's only 85cb to use nieve. The bot doesn't even have to have cannon/burst/barrage support etc. Just using melee and blowpipe would be bloody amazing and more than enough. An AIO runecrafting bot that works!!!! And a thiever, both of the premium thievers are trash. Zeah favour is fantastic though and definitely a good place to start. (blast mine looks v good)
  3. I have tried both, LAN thiever seemed to be more stable, efficient and less bot like. Even though a couple of time thieving master farmers at draynor it stops thieving and just runs around until you stop the script.. So it kind of has to be baby sat. All in all, someone make a new thiever pls lol
  4. Got ya! My break system would be mainly for runecrafting.
  5. 7 days a week? I guess that still makes up for 10 hours a day nearly
  6. Thanks heaps for the response. So you mean your account played for 6 hours and then went on a 9 hour break?
  7. A very stupid and some what vague question. What kind of account breaking setup have you used with success/failure? I am yet to use the break handler. I just baby sat and logged out etc. thanks.
  8. Sorry to be spamming, I have an account you can use to do this. Would it be possible for you to fix the cosmic runecrafting atleast? So it banks at edgeville, uses the fairy rings and then runs through the 66 agility shortcut. If you could even copy your current cosmic crafting script and then fix it with what I suggested above. I would really like to buy it off you. Thankyou.
  9. Hi I need a private script made. I am looking for someone trusted with vouches and who is skilled at what they do with some proof of that. Thanks, please comment and Pm.
  10. It really needs to have a armour/equipment selection in the gui. If you craft in the abyss long enough you're going to die. It's inevitable.
  11. What happens if it dies while crafting at the abyss. What armour/gear does it put back on? also, funny chance you get a pet. does it pick it up and bank it? also, what's an ideal speed to have it on? thanks
  12. I cannot connect to my specified proxy, the message comes up when I try to start a looking glass client using a proxy. All the information is correct, funny thing is. It will connect on my computer, but this message 'cannot connect to specified proxy' only comes up on the VPS I am using. NOTE: all other proxies are working fine. Thanks.
  13. How is this script going for everyone? I bought it in 2015 and it didn't work. I have some thieving to do. so before I spend some credits..
  14. This will be really useful. Even for only a couple accounts, with my slow internet connecting up to a VPS and then setting up a single bot is very time consuming due to lag.
  15. dyfaaa

    Zulrah botting

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with worthy's zulrah script they would like to share. thanks!
  16. if you want accounts to bot on. youve got to put in work, mate.
  17. it seems everyone is just oblivious to having access to human mouse movements.
  18. script is having a problem. it withdraws the ring of duelling and then re banks it, teleports to house. makes the tabs and then stops script because it cant tele to bank
  19. dyfaaa


    hey, im new to this forum! i made an account and attempted to bot. i got banned within the hour. So i decided to purchase VIP and i was reading about something called looking glass. Im really interested in using it, if anyone would be kind enough to link me with some useful information/guides i'd really appreciate it! thankyou
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