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  1. @Cyra How many do you need and how much are you paying for each?
  2. @erickho123 Hey i tried running an account on LG but the speed of selling/buying is a little slower than the just using client. Is there anything i could do to increase the speed. If not can you explain. Thanks
  3. it will buy from any shop in RS. (shops with a trade option)
  4. Hey, im using a comp with I5 4690k, which should handle 10+ bots easy, but when using almost any script that has to walk around my java spikes to 40%. Ive updated java, set 256 ram, client delay 40, and everything else but still cant figure out whats wrong.
  5. nope im on windows 8.1 64bit, when i used 32 bit it fixed it for a little but now its back. on another computer i have java 8 45, which never has spikes. On the computer with the spike problem i have java 8 51. Could that have anything to do with it? It mostly happens when using @erickho123 shopper script. When it gets close to the shop the spikes happen. Also happened with assume staker.
  6. fixed it. i was using java 64bit.. @J M C @TacoManStan
  7. Ive looked through that one. @TacoManStan ill try the things on that page.
  8. I wanna buy this script but every time i look at the thread there seems to be more problems.
  9. @Assume Hey why isn't it accepting any duel requests? I'm using a maxed main so im getting lots of duels but it never accepts. Nvm figured it out.
  10. What do you guys think about staking on a main? maxed combat. Is it worth risking the ban for profit or just make a new account dedicated to staking?
  11. @Zainy are you going to add other features? like worldhopping, telegrab, stamina pots, teleport etc. This script could easily be premium.
  12. @Zainy you need to add a world hop feature.
  13. @Tri Bot wont log back in and continually repeats "been logged out for 1 minute" Pastebin.com/cVQdRzU8
  14. NP, ill remember to use the proper form in the future.
  15. @erickho123 Verison Number (DO NOT TYPE LATEST): - V3.185 Script issue: - When "too many login attempts..." bug occurs script or client sleeps for over 5mins. Settings picture: -N/A, just regular setting you would use when selling items to a shop. Are you using the ingame world switcher?: -No Are you using Looking glass (if you don't know what this is, say no)?: -No Script status when issue is occuring?: -When the "too many log in.." error happen during switching of worlds. Script stack trace? (View -> Print script stack trace, please do it atleast 5 times and only when it's occuring. Paste it in http://pastebin.com): -Followed the instructions but didn't know how to copy this info. Could not find it on the screen. Client debug (Paste it in http://pastebin.com): pastebin.com/uzCtPCMA Bot debug (Paste it in http://pastebin.com): pastebin.com/gczhgeb3 Additional information (Please provide additional information, the more information you provide the easier I can help you with your issue): - This never occurred before. Started happening Morning of 7/11/2015 EST
  16. It will sleep for 350k ms...over 5mins. Just sits around and afks. Either in login screen or Click here to play screen.
  17. @justintg Hunter level 83, have magic butterfly net and imp repellant. Catching drag/ninja/imp. search lane 1 and 2 others. Might have been that i was unlucky.
  18. Only caught 2 magpies..in an hour. Hopefully its gets better as i go
  19. on tribot client. Choose "New client advanced" and "Other" type in world "22". you get back to normal list
  20. I keep getting Reconnecting to world message and then script breaks. "not enough items to sell" @erickho123
  21. @Leespiker Is this currently fully functioning? Latest comment says it has bugs.
  22. Is falconry better than red sallys for xp using this script?
  23. @Tabinhu Does it work for you now? It still doesn't work for me.