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  1. Title.
  2. I have lots of problems with this one. 1st, it tries to use special attack when I am ranged, 2nd, it mostly stays afk until 50% into the session of the game. Could you fix this / help me to get it up and working again? Thanks.
  3. I am also interested. I have a 100% clean account, and as of right now I've lost interest in the game. I'd like to possibly train ranged whilst making money. I'd assume Pest Control would be great for that case?
  4. Okay! Thanks alot for all of the help here guys! I will yolo this stuff. If I get banned I will just go Iron Man
  5. What does LG mean? Btw is ABCL premium only? I would kinda be pissed if I lost but I would have a better reason to go Iron man
  6. Hello there. I recently joined Tribot, and this will be the first time I bot in two years if I find it safe enough Backstory: I had a high level account that got banned in the massive bot genocide in the summer of 2013 ( I think I had every stat 75+ ). I used to be alot on PowerBot, before I got banned for ban evading which I NEVER did. I ran under the name of Heroism. Reason for me wanting to bot: 19k Maple Logs wont fletch themselves. About my account: Most skills is in the 60-70s About environment: Norwegian and clean (I belive? Dynamic IP) IP. I assume that's good.