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  1. well you cant say herbalife is a bad source because i use it and it worked i lost 3 stone and i lost it in only 6 months 1200 calories is how much you can consume without making your body weak if you don't believe me have a look just google it and hundreds of people will show their experience with the 1200 calorie diet. my sister also lost 2 stone with this method and i believe it works. also factors like height" on you're weight on size, look up the average weight for a person your size and age " and also you wont lose any muscle as long as you exercise on the 1200 calorie diet and you will lose fat Cardio and strength training i find the best
  2. So if you want to lose weight i would recommend trying "HerbaLife" it works great and whats better you get to drink shakes that taste delicious if you cannot find a herbalife branch in your area i think just limiting your self to only 1200 calories everyday do NOT eat all your calories on one go because it will put on weight because your body needs the food on different times or else it will store the fat because it will think it is being starved. this also applies if you're not eating, if you don't eat much example not eating a healthy breakfast everyday or not eating one at all will put on calories i recommend to eat a healthy snack at about 11 am and another healthy meal at 1 pm to keep you going this being if you wake up at 8 you can vary the time to your liking but you need to stay healthy don't buy anything that will effect your dinner aka a cola is 200 calories, that one can is 1/6th of your meal day gone. you don't need to be exact on 1200 calories if you're above 25 i recommend a 1500 calorie diet also not strict but eat healthy, when i mean not strict i mean stay in the 1200 - 1300 calorie region or 1500-1400 region don't drink protein shakes unless you're going to the gym or burning a huge amount of calories aka 500 if you do drink the protein shake after the burning of a good bit of calories it well help you recover and improve your muscles. this takes 3-12 months depending on you're weight on size, look up the average weight for a person your size and age if you're under eat 2100 calories every day because your body is basically begging you for food, a normal weight person should eat 2000 calories every day but try to maintain a healthy diet. Thats not to say you're not allowed junk food you may have it the odd time but not all the time only at certain times example for every three weeks. Thanks if you Read all this wall of text wrote from experience and the fact my dad is a wellness/fitness coach