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  1. it says 2 hour free trial no VIP needed? but when i click on it, it tries to get me to get vip what do i need to do? i want to test this before i purchase
  2. Just tested the script, it is well scripted so credit to you for making it, my only issue with the script is running Astral runes when it goes to repair the pouch the script just shits itself and stops have tested it heaps of times and i have tons of supplies so could you check that out for me please thank you!
  3. why does every few mins i get a request to connect to a sever, other players have been hacked allowing this explain?
  4. people in the live game like myself thought the same sell them now there pointless now look at them, same thing will happen to 07
  5. what colour did everyone luck out on the most, this week i have 13 blues , 8 white, 8 red , 3 green 2 yellow 1 purp
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