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  1. Verison Number (DO NOT TYPE LATEST):3.173 I think? Script issue:At the karamja store, it misclicks on the ladder one in a while. Settings picture:Will get tommorrow Are you using the ingame world switcher?:nope Are you using Looking glass (if you don't know what this is, say no)?:yes Script status when issue is occuring?:Idle until npc comes Script stack trace? (View -> Print script stack trace, please do it atleast 5 times and only when it's occuring. Paste it in http://pastebin.com):errr I'll get this soon I guess:P Client debug (Paste it in http://pastebin.com):just the normal hopped to x world and sleeping for x time Bot debug (Paste it in http://pastebin.com):normal Additional information (Please provide additional information, the more information you provide the easier I can help you with your issue): Edit: Both of my bots got banned:( will come back soon hopefully and finish this bug report off
  2. Hey, need some help with how to do a few things. Any help would be appreciated -use a potion(4,3,2,1) on another potion -move a potion to a certain slot in the inventory -banking and withdrawing thanks in advance=)
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