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  1. My paypal email and tribot sign up email aren't the same. So unless it's a recent change..I think it should work
  2. Alching at seers seems to be an issue - haven't tested at other courses, but when i choose to alch and run the script, more often than not, the script will get stuck, after clicking high alch, and just hovers over the item then gets stuck for minutes-hours, depending on when you check back in on your bot. Haven't tried without alching yet, will give that a go.
  3. Looking for a consistent gold supplier - looking to buy up to 600m. If you can provide me with daily/weekly good amounts of gp, please pm!
  4. Rejoined RS for the Nth time.. And well.. my bank is looking empty. looking for about 600m-ish (maybe more if good rates) osrs gp. Happy to buy off a regular supplier if you’ve only got increments. Please pm me your rates.
  5. Agreed. I've botted 4 accounts to max combat stats, one even after a 2 day ban. Main thing is, you need to actually play on the account like a real person..
  6. Yep. same, got banned botting mage on my last account unfortunately.. Have to try another method on this account..
  7. Apologies on digging up an old post - don't mean to grave dig, but I've had a few pm's over the months asking if I've survived this. I thought i'd give all you 2 day banned botters some confidence in knowing that even after getting my 2 day ban, and continuing to bot 8 hours a day, this is where i'm at. I've obviously removed my other stats so my account isn't revealed. Shoutout @erickho123 for getting 3 accounts to maxed CB to date and this one in progress! Should note I did actively play on this account too.
  8. I have a windows based laptop and OSbuddy doesn't seem to work for me either - only runelite (not that i'm complaining).
  9. I do, pm me when you’re online
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