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  1. Yep. same, got banned botting mage on my last account unfortunately.. Have to try another method on this account..
  2. Apologies on digging up an old post - don't mean to grave dig, but I've had a few pm's over the months asking if I've survived this. I thought i'd give all you 2 day banned botters some confidence in knowing that even after getting my 2 day ban, and continuing to bot 8 hours a day, this is where i'm at. I've obviously removed my other stats so my account isn't revealed. Shoutout @erickho123 for getting 3 accounts to maxed CB to date and this one in progress! Should note I did actively play on this account too.
  3. I have a windows based laptop and OSbuddy doesn't seem to work for me either - only runelite (not that i'm complaining).
  4. I do, pm me when you’re online
  5. As the title states, looking to buy 300m for $0.82/M. Will try to pay through your preferred method, otherwise happy to pay through PayPal (also happy to show my PayPal transaction history to see how much I’ve spent on gp). Please send me a pm if you’re selling! thanks
  6. As title suggests, selling 350m Osrs GP $0.85/M.
  7. Buying 100m 07gp at $0.8/M Can pay via BTC, PP, or another payment method of your choice. Won't go first if you aren't trusted - I can show you my PP transaction for the last 6 months to show you how much I've spent on 07 GP / no charge backs.
  8. Can we have a toggle? It’s too obvious everyone who uses nmz went from being 1hp constantly to now nobody being 1hp. Let us choose whether or not we want to go suicide :)!!!
  9. Just run the script at the same time everyday, calculating the break handler times needed. Once you've run this once, your break handler will be set up for all future breaks... Stop being lazy and get your calculator out.
  10. Hey guys, Just an update. Few days ago I was playing around with my files and decided delete my OSBUDDY saves and all tribot saves including all installs. After I decided to re-save the file Einstein kindly provided for deleting hooks. I re-ran this a couple of times, pressing 2 (no) each time when prompted if the Runescape client was opened. I have also played around with my drop down settings in data, so may be I accidently did what you're describing in the post above. Either way - I haven't had the issue since and can bot for period of up to 15 hours with ease of mind. I can't confirm which action it was that fixed it, but re-running the hooks deletion more than once definitely seemed to do the trick. Hope these steps can help others - though I know it's not concise.
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