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  1. Still2Good

    What is the Looking Glass feature and where can I find it?

    Thank you! Is it easy to setup?
  2. Was reading through a tutorial and "looking glass feature" was mentioned several times. What is it and how can I obtain it? Thanks
  3. Do they check anything other than Ip's? Would I be safe to bot during school Or even using a free vpn such as cyberghost? And log in on my home ip with the same account but not botting? Thanks
  4. I want to create a pure but I was curious on whether they will ban my main which has been botted 1 year ago and stopped due to a minor bot ban. I will be using the same pc and was just wondering if i bot on my new account will htey somehow ban my main? Thanks
  5. Hey guys I just came back from a break and was wondering if there is a script that gets you some stats out of the tut island. I remember seeing it somewhere once but not sure. Thanks!
  6. Haven't played on rs, so I got membs and vip and looking to train my new account and I need a bot that does quests. If anyone has a link to it much appreciated! Can't seem to find low level quests. Mainly looking for waterfall quest. Thanks
  7. Change log: Mind helpign me out? Im using this script, and have everything setup, and when I run it will attack one experiemnt and then stop. I dont know whats going on, aswell as what does dynamic mouse speed do/mean? thanks
  8. Still2Good

    [Free] DevYews

    Yeah, same here this is the only script i used, and got hacked for 10m.. Seems suspicious ..
  9. damn i bought this, because it say's teletabs work. i don't have glories nor a home.. can i get a refund?
  10. Still2Good

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    I click on scrip, then presss start and i doesn't even start.. it just stays there
  11. When i start the script it doens't do anything!! please fix
  12. Please change the anti-ban, when it says "bored" or "lol" most people say report the botter... everyone is getting to know the botters! thhnks
  13. Please fix the anti-ban, when it says "lol" or '..." or "bored" most people crafting will just say report the bot, because almost everyone knows about this.. Thanks!