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  1. Thanks for the comfirmation
  2. Just some server issues man, it happens sometimes. Just chill and I'm sure it'll be resolved soon
  3. I don't know what's happening, just some site errors I guess Bought with paypal btw
  4. Weath was on holiday last week boys, hold onto your cocks, its about to get freaky
  5. This dude Skrizz is botting on like 70 accounts lmao
  6. I'm thinking about building some more rigs to expand my small farm, wondering what processors have best bang for the price So far I'm thinking about getting and AMD FX 8320 and overclocking it and an Intel i5 4460
  7. Dude fucking chill out, its the weekend so people suicide bot then weath bans a shit load of accounts and the prices go back up. This happens like every weekend
  8. Not really a bug, but an improvement to the script Please improve the logic on the mithril/adamant/rune bars It should go coal/coal/mith without coal bag, coal/coal/coal/adamant without coal bag, coal/coal/coal/coal/rune, without coal bag Not doing this just leads to a bunch of unnecessary banking it seems, also adding coal while waiting for bars
  9. This can be simply with an AHK script, detectable as fuck though.
  10. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Figure it the fuck out, trial and error my friend
  11. Yea I ordered from them, they are legit and I've had no problems with their proxies. They work great etc It took about an hour for mine to show up on the site
  12. I think I saw on his twitter he was getting more help in this department, on the weekend especially its gets really crazy as far as botting goes
  13. You could check out the duel arena to see if you could do some staking there
  14. You'd only need 12 Gb of ram probably, if he needs more he can just buy another stick and pop it in no problem. If he's not getting the 8350 for free, he should just get the 8320 and overclock it and save some money. The motherboard is fine, but I'd get one with the best warranty possible, just make sure it supports overclocking The PSU is fine at 430w as long as you don't get an high-power consuming AMD graphics card, but I go for the EVGA 430w instead of the Corsair, the builder series has some known issues and they are basically the same price. And yes the 1 GB GPU is fine for botting. But if he wants to play some games like CS:GO/LOL he could go for something like a 750TI and still be under the 430w