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  1. kushad

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    https://gyazo.com/31c1d69f06c2b0a06822d6983fc5095c hey i had bought the equipment before hand and it got stuck at ge saying we already have rune essence and just idled, i paused the script and went bought it varrock teles and banked it all and took out the rune essence, and it continued. It does do this weird camera action flicker sometimes not sure what that is. on resize mode by the way https://pastebin.com/CHMw1sh6
  2. kushad

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    is brimhaven fixed?
  3. kushad

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    how do you run brimhaven? i click brimhaven at the course section press start it just stands there
  4. kushad

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    [10:50:24] Script was unable to retrieve biometric data for this area. Please report this bug to Einstein. Just started fresh account at gnomes not sure when it says that but just wanted to report anyway \ EDIT: also i noticed when its out of run it doenst reclick run even when its 100%
  5. kushad

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    https://gyazo.com/a95b7a58e55009e42774cfddec4e1148 Host dcs/afk log out not sure what it is but doesnt go back in house, please fix. As stated before the other slaves try to keep going in the house, can you make it stop script if host not found?
  6. kushad

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    I told Gods about this already hes aware just have wait for fix. My host somehow left possibly a dc from servers and my guys were trying go in his house for about 2 hours can you make it stop the script if host not found??
  7. kushad

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    I would love them to trade to host! My tabs per hour has dropped by 200 misclicks go in friends house tried resizeable and fixed same world just next day it decided to slow down? Can you please make it click name I believe you can get extra 50 a hour then it waiting 5 secs then typing name
  8. kushad

    [ABCL] [Low reqs] Gods Tab Maker [Up to 300k/hr]

    Hey man can you make it click the hosts name instead of typing it everytime please?
  9. kushad

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    can you please fix the deathwalk please i not sure how i died but i lost alot of gear and runes using ibans blast
  10. Is the breaks working? since when.
  11. kushad

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    I did my 1 hour trial and i must say pretty smooth, I purchased the script could you really implement multiple runs please via barrows tele would really improve chest/hour Some things i suggest in the rewrite, lesser sleep times, magic pot support, attack styles which you already know EDIT: just saw the acb2 bar my bad i lessened it.