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  1. Jahzion

    Credit payment issue.

    yea i got it verified and still isnt working with all 3 methods
  2. Jahzion

    Credit payment issue.

    agh damn so theres no way around this... guess ill have to try the paypal thing ugh.
  3. Jahzion

    Credit payment issue.

  4. Jahzion

    trying to buy credits

    payment goes through but then says my card may be frauduLent? Ive done this plenty of times. the only difference is im out of the country.
  5. Jahzion

    Credit payment issue.

    Trying to buy credits and i get the message that it is suspected of being fraudulent? IS it because im out of the country that the card is issued to? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  6. moron you probably need to reset your .dat file.... dont be so ready to attack the script writer.
  7. Hey bro amazing script. havent ran in a few days seems to not be working at the moment. it wont walk properly to relkka nor be able to find the sailor to travel. Assumin it needs to be updated. just informing you thanks,.
  8. does the same thing on all options given, I now just use the cut option with a knife in my inventory instead of dropping
  9. Hey great script but im flyfishing at otto's grotto and instead of dropping all the fish in the inventory, it drops one and then fishes again. This may just be the method But i could only imagine its much slower. EDIT:: I'm thinking its a bug. Only 48 fishing but should be getting around 30k exp ph right now but only getting 12 due to this issue.
  10. its cool except i cant use it right now.. I have 3 applets loaded and the third im trying to alch on but when i selsct alch in the gui it auto finds the items that are on a different accounts inventory. So intead of selecting longbows it chooses fishing supplies. (bc im fishing on the other account) any ideas?
  11. i'm sure i'm doing something wrong but it just goes to bank and gets the inventory setup then deposits it again and repeats lol. im using restores are they not supported?
  12. Jahzion

    SwagClicker - Randomized mouse clicking

    doesnt work?