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  1. Yo, listen up here is the proggy About a little guy that bots in a puro puro And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just imps like him, inside and outside Imps in his house, with the little imp And a blue impling, and everything is implings for him And himself, and everybody around
  2. Never used it. Considering it after the f2p hopping isnt fixed but if Tri doesnt have hopping feature Im dropping it instantly.
  3. Its flawless, but the hopping to f2p bugs ends the script so running +10 hours is almost impossible. Record of mine is 14 hours. Been a month and no word from the guy who made the script. :F I've made like 200m off this script with one account only.
  4. It works, hopping to F2P worlds is just an annoying bug that ends the script. These are from today.
  5. Is the world hopping working currently? Looking to get this one after my other puro puro auth expires due to hopping to f2p worlds have not been fixed in ages.
  6. Pls take a look at your puro puro script.

  7. After tribot update the script starts, logins etc and says your magic level is too low. Im 92 magic so that shouldnt be a problem. Also the hopping to f2p worlds is still a bug. Waiting for a fix
  8. Wooh banking works now. Anyways what do I need in my bank? EDIT: Script is working great but sometimes tries to hop to F2P world.
  9. Doesnt take impling jars from bank etc.
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