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  1. wtf.... i dont get it... isnt that highly bannable? and .. lol wtf i got banned, i botted for 8 hours @ mans in edge. with a break handler....
  2. hey usa, i want to try this sooo bad but everytime mi try to start up this script i get https://gyazo.com/bce236c13957493423e2ec325196734f and it laggs the fck out of tribot and i will have to close it. how can i fix t his? best regards ycie
  3. so what antiban does this use, and what are the banrates? i bot annd play onn my acc . i just want lvl 40 rc but cba to do it myself ..
  4. @Tri hey tri, i wanted to bbuy this script and im trying the trial now, this happens when i start the scrippt, i hope this is not normal what am i doingn wrong here best regards ycie
  5. do i need any requirements for this script to work, or any quest?? best regards ycie
  6. hey, im really tempted to buy this bbut i have a few questions! - im cb lvl 29, and low stats ofc is this script usefull for me? - what antibban does this script use? on main page it says abcl10, isnt it abc2? or 1 ? sorry if im wrong here best regards ycie!