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  1. francescos123

    Break Handler seems a bit.. basic?

    It would be nice to see some sort of queue or timetable ability with the break handler. You can only set one break to run one time or repeat, this leaves much to be desired.. What I mean by queue or timetable is I'd like to set up 3 different playtimes and breaks to run one after the other and then loop back between them so I can keep a bot consistently going without having to manually log into it whenever I want to start. For example, bot 2 hours, variable 10 mins, break 15 mins, variable 3 mins >> bot 1 hour, variable 5 mins, break 8 hours, variable 30 mins >> bot 3 hours, variable 20 mins, break 20 mins, variable 5 mins >> bot 1 hour, variable 5 mins, break 8 hours, variable 30 mins > rinse and repeat. That way my bots would run roughly the same time each day with less manual work. (I understand if I let that loop for days and days it could get quite far out of the time of day I started on due to the variables, but that's manageable) Is there a reason this functionality isn't already included..? I would have thought it a fairly light job in the grand scheme of things and could make a really big difference. I could just be stupid and there is a way to do this that I haven't figured out yet? Interested to hear other thoughts on this.
  2. francescos123

    Break Handler

    I am trying to get the break handler to follow a timetable of sorts but I'm not sure if I'll need to do this partially manually. I would like to bot 2 hours around 7-9am and then take about. a 9 hour break and then bot for around 3/4 hours with a break somewhere in there and then start again next morning. Is it possible that I can this up on a loop so something like : bot start 7 am for 2 hours > break for around 9 hours > bot for 2 hours > break for 10 mins >bot for 2 hours > break for about 10 hours - repeat Is this possible with tribot break handler? If not, is my only option to do start each betting session manually?
  3. francescos123

    Custom script request

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Looking for a highly experienced custom scripter, add me on discord Francescos#3981. Thanks!
  4. francescos123

    Can't open Tribot client on desktop? Java problem*

    i found it the second after i posted it but thanks for your shitty advice.
  5. Hi there, i simply can't open the tribot client on my desktop, here is what it looks like : Bare in mind i have tried to install and uninstall java and redownloa it. i think this is a windows 10 problem??
  6. francescos123

    Credits & membership number problems?

    I've already purchased the credits !! i have 11.5 ! but it's still not letting me bot??
  7. francescos123

    Credits & membership number problems?

    & how do i find my membership number?
  8. francescos123

    Credits & membership number problems?

    I have 11.5 credits, how do i punch that in to become a extended VIP user?
  9. First of all, You can only transfer 5 credits per 31 days? what is that about... And how do i find my membership number? + whenever i try to start script it says
  10. ok so i am using the trial version. And I am very glad I tested first, disappointed with this script. For some reason, every time it hops when too many players are in the safe spot it wants to run outside to the waterfall. So it might run outside, hop, run back inside, see there are too many players in the world just hopped, then run outside again to hop. Repeat repeat repeat. Pointless, waste of time. Fix that. When i pause the script to hop for it, to save me running outside and back again, it still hops even if i am in an empty world. very annoying. Died once when i left the room for 30 mins, disappointing.
  11. soes this support selling and buying back noted food? i want to use this method at bandits
  12. francescos123

    Hao2Bot Curser [v0.6] (33k xp/h) - Curse anything, anywhere!

    i would but i don't know what mistakes were.. any knows bugs? it could have somehow come out of fight caves and got a evil chicken random n died but thats nt ur responsibility, does it sometimes bug out or anythng?
  13. francescos123

    Hao2Bot Curser [v0.6] (33k xp/h) - Curse anything, anywhere!

    woooww... started bot babysat for a bit n was making litle mistakes, went to bed and woke up with 3 items in my invy. don't understand how, was in fight caves.. anyway wouldn't recommend this script just lost me a mil grrrr
  14. francescos123

    Troubleshooting Fix Database

    when i click new client it says error: jar URL null. any help?