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  1. I've already purchased the credits !! i have 11.5 ! but it's still not letting me bot??
  2. & how do i find my membership number?
  3. I have 11.5 credits, how do i punch that in to become a extended VIP user?
  4. First of all, You can only transfer 5 credits per 31 days? what is that about... And how do i find my membership number? + whenever i try to start script it says
  5. I was thinking of starting a bot farm, well i just spent about $20 investment on some gp and bonds, my method was going to be suiciding p2p. Things that require low skill like rcing nats, tanning hides & killing chaos druids. for a couple - few days before accounts get banned. Fairly sure these methods suck but I'm just learning! Should I not bother? Try to adapt my strategy to instead of try and get the stuff off my account before the ban, use less obvious methods, higher level accounts and break times? Any info would be much appreciated. What timing Is this almost actually THE END of suicide botting? Even P2P?
  6. ok so i am using the trial version. And I am very glad I tested first, disappointed with this script. For some reason, every time it hops when too many players are in the safe spot it wants to run outside to the waterfall. So it might run outside, hop, run back inside, see there are too many players in the world just hopped, then run outside again to hop. Repeat repeat repeat. Pointless, waste of time. Fix that. When i pause the script to hop for it, to save me running outside and back again, it still hops even if i am in an empty world. very annoying. Died once when i left the room for 30 mins, disappointing.
  7. sometimes right clicks on a log and just gets stuck for a bit, when i check i see few normal logs in my inventory or other logs not teak and don't think it picks up birds nests, had to pick a couple up myself after they were lying on the floor for a minute or so plz fix, otherwise good script well done ! (right clicking is main problem as it stops the bot)
  8. soes this support selling and buying back noted food? i want to use this method at bandits
  9. was babysitting bot clicked outside the bank n when u leave the bank the script stops dont have a pic sry
  10. doesn't close bank screen properly, thinks it has so goes to click on guam but deposits it then script stops.
  11. i would but i don't know what mistakes were.. any knows bugs? it could have somehow come out of fight caves and got a evil chicken random n died but thats nt ur responsibility, does it sometimes bug out or anythng?
  12. woooww... started bot babysat for a bit n was making litle mistakes, went to bed and woke up with 3 items in my invy. don't understand how, was in fight caves.. anyway wouldn't recommend this script just lost me a mil grrrr
  13. not hating bot is good using now flawless so far earning 28k xp hour, i think could be bumped up to maybe 35/40+ couple things are slow like you don't necessarily pick up runes closest to you so takes longer to colllect them all, needs to wait for wizards to be still for a second before it attacks, otherwise, very good keep up the good work
  14. when i click new client it says error: jar URL null. any help?
  15. You need -65 magic attack, wear full armour and green vambs. ur a saint tyty