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  1. Now just tps to house and idles
  2. It stopped while gaining magic XP in middle of fight. Im deleting the hooks & starting again to see if any difference
  3. [22:09:31] FINISH MSG: Ending script due to 7 minute timeout inactivity Randomly stops the script even though the account is active & script running perfectly
  4. The single kill option is broken with house fairy rings + jewlery box. It keeps going for double kills & runs out of house tabs
  5. Withdrawing and depositing sharks...
  6. Now it just keeps RoD back in forth from house to CW
  7. If I tick off "Multi kill" the script goes to house and RoD's back to cw. I just want the script to do single kills with house fairy rings and RoD
  8. no retreiving dramen staff for single kills house fairy ring method
  9. Also after double kill with the double house tabs and double kills, it doesn't have any banking methods after the tabs run out
  10. with the jewlerybox function, when it dies -> falador -> zulrah -> tps back to house, it just stands in the house and doesn't use the jewlery box
  11. It selects 'using jewelry box' then when it tps back to house it reads '[12:23:34] FINISH MSG: In unknown bank' just revert it back to using dueling rings pls
  12. Tries to use augury even tho I dont have it unlocked