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  1. max gear/ 90s stats proggy. don't waste your money like i did. Either you'll use the tribot client and make mediocre money for 3 days then ban, or if you value your acc you'll make that much using LG ^.
  2. yo man for the butler option, sometimes it goes thru all the options and manually enters 24 when the 'bring 24- oak plank' option is already up on first click. I think this can increase xp rates greatly
  3. hey m80, been using this script for a while. I've noticed it doesn't flick pray fast enough and my pray pts drain, resulting in eventually 0. I'm not sure what the 'current values' represent.. perhaps i'm doing something wrong.
  4. [14:57:29] java.lang.NullPointerException [14:57:29] at scripts.zulrahslayer.c.t.A(PriceConnector.java:19) [14:57:29] at scripts.api.framework.script.NodeScript.A(NodeScript.java:28) [14:57:29] at scripts.api.framework.script.core.BasicScript.run(BasicScript.java:106) [14:57:29] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) getting this error
  5. xp rates on this?
  6. What Game Were you Banned? OSRS Why were you banned? Macroing Major Have you appealed the ban? No, not appealable Have you been banned before? Yes (72hr) Where did you hear about my service? TriBot Do you have a Promo code from a referral? No What is your Skype ? naimul.ahmed
  7. Gold bracelets don't work. Please fix. I bought this script by accident can I get a refund.
  8. Hey the Edge pathing is a bit off, also it misclicks the furnace a lot
  9. https://gyazo.com/bfc25406da249e4c5f56862411b18a41
  10. the motherload option is wayyy too slow. It banks then jacks off at the bank screen for like a good 15 seconds. 3/10
  11. Script doesn't run for more than 30 min. Gets stuck, randomly attacks mob like 5 times in a 10 min span. extremely buggy. Endless loop of luring out mob in and out. I didn't get my money's worth. Getting half the xp advertised. When I paid for a 10$ script, I expected nothing but quality. But this is some half ass-ed script with endless number of bugs. If I knew this script was gonna be this garbage, I'd mousekey train it myself getting 3x more xp edit: after 65 it becomes a lot less bad
  12. Thanks I'll try your settings to see if it fixes it. If not Ill report back with the stack trace!