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  1. Been using the script for a while, works flawlessly. Got these lucky drops in 7 hours.
  2. yeah, because if you're using the tomb as a source of fire runes then if the staff is equipped first it has no fire runes and deselects the spell. If the tomb is equipped first then it has the fire runes available when the staff is equipped and it keeps the autocast.
  3. with a tome of fire it needs to be made so that it's equipped first. When using a magic shortbow, if the staff is equipped first then it doesn't have the fire runes and the autocast spell gets isn't selected.
  4. yeah, the vnc server didn't come back up on restart. On CentOS 7 x86_64, so i reinstalled.
  5. on centos how do you restart the VNC server after the server is restarted?
  6. so when the iban staff runs out of charges, the script just ends?
  7. Hey man, just to let you know I keep having problems with clicking on the mouse hole with the cheese. It doesn't rotate the camera to see the hole. Might be worth having a look at.
  8. Having trouble will waterfall quest: At the start it will move on to go to the raft and check on hudo without finishing the opening dialog. Also when talking to glorie it will continue to click on them without continuing to search for the pebble.
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