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  1. afxcel

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    Having trouble will waterfall quest: At the start it will move on to go to the raft and check on hudo without finishing the opening dialog. Also when talking to glorie it will continue to click on them without continuing to search for the pebble.
  2. I was doing air orb, house tab, 1 lobster, stamina. Will try again later, will check break handler but I always use that breaking and it doesn't take a break straight away. I'll get a gif of any problems, is there a quicker way to contact you ?
  3. also just had a bug where i put food to 0 but had it set on lobsters, then it withdrew an entire inventory of food.
  4. bot gets stuck at bank trying to withdraw orbs even when it's got a full inventory, also if you start the script logged out it immediately takes a break.
  5. I feel you man, got banned on 10 accounts some with 40m xp at minnows. Seems like they just did a fat wipe.
  6. afxcel

    Has banrate increased by a lot recently

    yep for sure, looks like Jagex has stepped things up before the release of mobile. Makes sense since over Christmas and New Year it was very relaxed.
  7. I think minnow fishers are being targeted now for sure. Fishing trawler too.
  8. @Druid pretty nice script. however I have an issue. when it sells a fletched item to the grand exchange for 1gp it risks it selling for a completely low price and losing money - this happened to me about an hour ago. it brought 1000 bow strings and yew longbows (u) for ~526gp but because it sold at 1gp it was sold for 498gp. i brought and sold some manually straight after for -5% guide price and they sold for 613gp. also I have another query - if it cant buy supplies for the price listed will it keep increasing the buy price? if so is there a stop limit? again I wouldn't want to lose money for someone trying to catch people out by selling supplies for ridiculous prices and it matching the bid.
  9. afxcel

    [Under Development] Noob Account Leveler

    gets stuck a lot going into cow pen, after it dies a lot if it has no defence levels.