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  1. Last location before getting banned?: Lumbridge Skill botted?: Crafting Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: Every 1-2 hours for 10-20 minutes How long did you bot per day?: Around 10 Hours Banned before?: I have had accounts banned while using tribot a long time ago Type of ban?: Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No Scripts Used? MontSpinner Other Bots Used?: None How many bots at a time were being run?: 3 Date banned?:9/16/16 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Two accounts were created a year + ago with random low stats, the other was a pure I have been working on for the last two weeks or so 100% legit except for this. Like this
  2. Wasn't working when I tried it earlier. (Wouldn't load/detect Equipment and did nothing when I clicked start) Logs - http://pastebin.com/NPtb8pjr
  3. I already used up my trial, but I'll get the 14 day auth and see if it happens then. Other than that small issue, it worked perfectly.
  4. Trying it out and it keeps misclicking the portal at the clan wars area.
  5. Script still seems to get stuck at stairs quite often. If you need an account to test on let me know.
  6. Seems to get stuck for 1-5 minutes every once in a while when attempting to go up the stairs to the bank.
  7. Awesome script! Got my pure 65-70 strength so far, planning on training much more here! Noticed that it restarts when your character doesn't move for 5 minutes, which is pretty fucking cool too. This is 15 hours of the script, with a ton of breaks. Only complaint is that when I used the west Relekka spot, it kept getting attacked/fought hobgoblins more than it fought rock crabs, and the hobgoblins do a lot of damage to someone with 1 defence. It makes trips last like 5 minutes instead of about an hour like at the east Relekka spot.
  8. Script isn't too bad, only major issue I have right now is that it keeps spamming other bird traps and keeps getting "You may only set up one trap at a time at your hunter level". Also when a bird snare fails, it just sits there clicking the traps until it falls to the ground.
  9. How are you training range? Right now I'm 42 and am kind of lost.
  10. Script works great! Mouse speeds could be faster (don't know if that would affect ban rate greatly) but other than that it's pretty solid.
  11. [09:22:02] Login bot started.[09:22:02] Login Bot: Login...[09:22:13] Login bot succeeded.[10:19:45] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -84[10:19:45] at org.tribot.api2007.GroundItems.getAt(cm:277)[10:19:45] at org.tribot.api2007.GroundItems.getAt(cm:355)[10:19:45] at org.tribot.api2007.GroundItems.getAt(cm:23)[10:19:45] at scripts.wildylooter.B94WildyLooter.C(B94WildyLooter.java:165)[10:19:45] at scripts.wildylooter.B94WildyLooter.L(B94WildyLooter.java:120)[10:19:45] at scripts.wildylooter.B94WildyLooter.e(B94WildyLooter.java:250)[10:19:45] at scripts.wildylooter.B94WildyLooter.run(B94WildyLooter.java:686)[10:19:45] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) I woke up and had this error with the bot logged out in lumbridge. I think if you log out for any reason and you're not in edgeville, the script crashes. Other than this this is pretty good. If you need an account to test on let me know.
  12. Works great, would be cool if there was an option to drop the tea though. Left it going overnight with a lot of breaks, 5-46 theiving lol. Also ended up with nearly 5k cups of tea.
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