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  1. seems like we are just useless. the upcharge is very annoying. and second its not automated so we have to wait again very annoying!
  2. first buying RSGP and then selling it. is 2 times a risk of getting banned. which is just plain stupid to try in the first place. All i want is tribot credits. can you list other bot sites which do accept paypal?
  3. come on you know that no one is selling for paypal. they all want RSGP. literally. even the ones you listed. this is so bad
  4. i cant buy bitcoins from this country. paypal is the only way and that is gone now. so basicly i can do pretty much nothing? the other sellers only want RSGP
  5. tribot has made it unable for paypal to buy. made a new account with other paypal and still couldent get it. just remove the paypal option itself
  6. they all want RSGP i dont have rsgp so i cant get vip ? this is highly annoying i dont have acces to the other things only paypal.
  7. This makes me very sad, because they all want RSGP or cost more then tribot and not automatic.
  8. In the past ive always been able to buy credits. but recently i moved from europe to south america. and now i cant buy with paypal ? is there any way to fix this? i have money on my paypal thanks in advance.
  9. Sorry it works just fine, just not at sand crabs ive found myself an other location thats not listed. And it works great even finds the bank for itself and walks back. great script! if anyone wants to know what the spot it is just ask. Works good because the npcs always get agressive and you dont have to leave.
  10. well this was a waste, such a hassle to set up and then it does not even work =/ been trying to let it kill sand crabs for 30mins now, 0 results.
  11. i was wondering if you could add in recipe for disaster till u get mith gloves. and of course all pre quests. then i would buy the script for sure!
  12. used it for 3 kills. then logged off. 2 hours later i want to play and perm banned /gf.
  13. maybe add an auto logg out function when you run out of supplies. because i woke up and it had been logging in and out for 2hours straight, and now got 2 day ban( and on watch) lol ( own mistake for letting it run all night ) but when you run out you act very suspicious just an idea.