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  1. Is there a limitation on who can publish free scripts? Is there some sort of rank that must be obtained before being given this ability?
  2. Oh wow. So the only way to test your script would be to publish it and then test by using it as a regular script from the repository?
  3. If you are a developer and don't have VIP, do you still have only 2 hours every 3 days to test your scripts while they are running?
  4. Thanks. I'll check them out.
  5. Is there a slack/discord/chat room where developers talk on tribot?
  6. How does competition work here at tribot? If there exists a thieving script that is already premium, am I allowed to create my own premium thieving script? Or does the person who made the first script have a monopoly on that skill?
  7. Is there a slack group or IRC for tribot script developers?