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  1. Hello not sure if this is the right place to be posting this. I bought 8 credits for VIP-E, paying through my papal and got some kind of database error code and now tribot is saying I have no credits but the money has left my paypal? Anyone know how I can get the credits I am owed? or should I do a paypal dispute and get my money back? Any-help would be greatly appreciated!! UPDATE:- I tried again to buy credits but was given the same database error I have attached a screenshot for the admins. Hopfeully, can get this fixed soon
  2. spams '0's in the log for some reason and just stands in bank. Manually pausing script and closing out of bank fixes the problem. Can we get a fix for this Erick? Paste of log: [18:43:22] 0 [18:43:23] Path is randomized, our next time we will change a path is: 9 minutes [18:43:30] we are sleeping for: 877 [18:44:10] we are sleeping for: 737 [18:51:05] 0 [18:51:14] we are sleeping for: 1135
  3. works for me Im crafting air runes with LG and rsbuddy. Though i am using energy potions maybe try run with pots?