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  1. I was wondering if I could have some help writing a color bot with simple walk positions with X and Y coordinates and detection of trees, In return I will give a method that I discovered recently that will make you immune from current bot detection.
  2. I wanted to mention a couple of important things on why people most likely get caught with the bot detection and I want to make it clear. First is that when jagex pushes an update they basically fish for any information on what client people are using they then take this information and then ban accounts if you were to have a separate client that goes over top of the game client then it would be hard to detect or you would not detect at all. You would use openCV create a virtual environment and then scan the 3D game data like the trees and that way the computer knows how to identify this as a tree and a rock etc.. Clicks are another important factor, the game server detection will also scan for clicks I notice so If you make clicks between X second and X seconds /w the randomization of clicking on a different pixel or a specified X and Y ratio it would make it extremely difficult to detect you could take it up another notch by telling it to miss then redo the actions randomized again. So these are my ideas / suggestions, If you were to make tribot a separate client that goes over top you then take the game data scan it into openCV program it to identify the 3D model as a yew willow etc.. you would have a much better system because no one would be able to scan it because its external and not editing the actual game memory since its holding the game memory within itself. It would be allot harder to do but I bet the ban ratio would be 0%
  3. Do all the scripts made include human mouse movements or is it a selectable option from the actual client itself, has any one ever gotten banned here from using it?
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