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  1. Had a look and change some Interface IDs as well as added a couple things, Couldn't buy a "knife" with the original setup as even if you type the full word "knife" it was still way past the first 9 search results. I added up to 27 results as well as a check that if the item's name has been fully typed and its still not there then scroll down. Added a failsafe for if the script starts searching before interface is fully loaded(would once in a while catch it writing nife, then it would try to write knife on to and would end up with nifeknifeknifeknife). Now if the first char type doesn't match the first char of the item name it will backspace first. I'm going to try to keep maintaining it, I put it on my github in case anyone else wants to look at what I changed. GrandExchangeSnippet
  2. I did try with dragonslayermelee in the bug report I posted
  3. Bug Report Format:Argument used: purchase;stamina;useglory;disableidler;dragonslayer;dragonslayermelee;Screenshot/gif (including paint): didn't takeBot debug (txt file or pastebin link): didn't takeClient debug (txt file or pastebin link): https://pastebin.com/VGWJUYPTAny additional info to provide: can't get melee option to work for dragon slayer account has 60/50/41 and 43 prayer
  4. All good man, I didn't babysit so I just happen to see that 1 thing, thanks for the response, what youre saying makes sense
  5. Hey I have a quick recommendation, I find the script is very wasteful of glorys, example during witches potion the bot was picking an onion near draynor, teleported to edgeville to get a stamina out of the bank, and then teleported back to draynor which has its own bank and was also only a very small walk to draynor bank from onions without teleporting at all. So far eveything else is great in the trial, cheers!
  6. I guess I either bot too hard or have just been unlucky but I have never received anything but a perma ban on any account thats ever been botted or autoclicked or anything dating back to the color chosen autominers lol
  7. I'm convinced that consecutive hours played almost don't have any effect on bans unless you're reported and they manually look at your account. Heres a screenshot, no breaks, no logging out. The Magic Levels gained are inaccurate, it's actually 12 levels gained i believe. The only reason this isnt longer is because changed magic tab types, this account started at lvl 25 magic, botted straight to 69, relogged and this was the following proggy.
  8. Having an issue where after a couple hours I get java heap mem errors
  9. Hmm alright I guess this wouldn't work, I was originally thinking more along the lines of how you can spoof which internet browser you're using so you can choose what websites see, I figured it might help if we could find out how Jagex reads the client info which they definitely do, if we could spoof that and make it look like tribot is a mobile client then there might be small options that are more forgiving in the eyes of Jagex, like playtime/breaks and not responding to others chatting like I mentioned earlier.
  10. Well from what I understand, there are a lot of human movement antiban measures still included, for example seeing my mouse zoom around in everything but a straight line while watching a bot, I'm saying you could take out the movement completely and the client would act as if Block user input was always on, the mouse would "appear" at the click location instead of dragging around. This would also eliminate the need for antiban measures like hovering over items, if we could make it look like we are connecting from mobile it may also be more forgiving when someone is playing/botting and not answering people talking as answering on mobile gets rid of half your gameplay screen with a keyboard, from personal experience I rarely answer people because the pop up keyboard is annoying. I have also seen users here recommend against using internet connections that are corporate because it may look like a server farm, but again if we were able to emulate a mobile client then imo a cellphone connected form a business internet connection is a lot more common than a personal computer connected. Even break handling could be more beneficial coming from a mobile client ie: short botting periods with small breaks but you could run essentially all day, everyone has their cell with them always, for all jagex knows I could be playing at my office, bathroom breaks, in class at school etc
  11. Hey guys, Would it be possible to make Jagex believe that tribot is actually a mobile client ie IOS or android (preferably iOS because there would be more doubt that someone modified it on an iphone?) ? This way mouse movements wouldn't have to be emulated at all? On a mobile device there are no movements, random humanlike hovering etc etc, you're just using your finger to "click" exactly where you want. Wouldn't this make detecting bots so much harder? Also if this is a realistic goal, this thread could be deleted so that Jagex members couldn't see what you're looking into?
  12. bought 2m, almost instant response and I had the gold in less than 5 min! great experience
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