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  1. Just to answer your question. You see the (2) because it's a compact list(idk what it's called). When you click the item you expand it and see each individual items associated with it. So 1 for the binary(the client itself) and 2 for the cmd(that's not using any resources really)
  2. http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/Snapdragon_seed/viewitem?obj=5300 See how the obj=####. That's the id The safest way is still just to buy it form the GE and check it yourself via the client.
  3. This is the tutorial request sections. For script request go here https://tribot.org/forums/forum/38-requests/ PS: Most AIO fighters will work for you
  4. He probably has to go through a fuck ton of these emails, so he missed the last bit of your PM. Re-send the details in a proper format and don't be a little brat about it Proper format is below. Payment Processor: Email: Other details: PS: Please and thank you goes a long way!
  5. Hello Runnwith.Hope you have a good time here. What are you planning to do? Bot, script? I know you mention services, so what kind?
  6. I personally would not mind a 7-day option or even a 2-day(limited) option. This would help people really test out a bot without sinking too much money into it.
  7. 500 is an insane number to start with. In 2016 when I was actively botting I had a bot farm of 30-40 was making good $$, but even at that size, it was really hard to keep it going. I was even buying pre-made accounts at that point with mid-range stats. As Haxx91 said start small 5-10 bots. You will probably lose money at the start, your goal should be to figure out why and how to fix it. PS: No one will hold your hand through this. The money making scene is very competitive and you should learn to love it ^^.
  8. Awesome, I'll be in contact with you soon. Will need a few after I fix my scripts.
  9. How do the twitch prime memberships works? Do you get a code or do you sell a twitch account and I have to link my RS account to it? Can you use this method only once per RS account? Sorry for the questions it just looks like a cheap way to get membership ^^
  10. Hello TriBot Comunity, I was away from Tribot and RS in general for a long time but felt like coming back :).As I was reading through the patch notes I found this: "Remove Java 8 requirement: Please note: TRiBot is not yet fully compatible with Java 10+" Does this mean Tribot if fully compatible with Java 9? Did people have any luck running it on Java 10? EDIT: Looks like it doesn't work with 11, but works fine with 9.I guess I'll use 9
  11. Red_Spark

    Tribot proxies

    The client will still use the proxy, so you are fine. I would also suggest getting a VPS, that way your internet quality will not affect your bots.
  12. That's nice to know. I might update it since I want to make some private bots for myself ^^.
  13. I'll use it for now, Other than the door thing is seems to work fine.Prob going to develop my own.
  14. Anyone having trouble using DPathNavigator?If the DPathNavigator starts via .travers() next to a door, it just starts clicking it, even when it's not in the way.Because of this, it ends up going in and out of a house in an infinite loop.
  15. That was my initial instinct too :).Just wanted to check if anyone knows exactly what's different between them.
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