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  1. Running from yaks as if they are a combat random when I manually attack. Script won't attack. not recognizing ID i assume
  2. I died recently and lost fire cape and torso to Jekyl. After some observatoin i've come to notice that the reason for the death is generally due to the current glitch when talking to NPCs the "continue" button doesn't work and the chat gets stuck. The bot isn't able to recognize that and re-start the conversation. And apparently that scientifically modified mofo can destroy you with hits high enough that rol can be ineffective at times.
  3. The part where the script is intended to attack unagressive skeletons is flawed. It runs off to attack skeletons in other tunnels and on melee mode runs away from the cover and takes hits from rocks
  4. [12:26:36] Not enough super antipoison in bank[12:26:36] Not enough prayer potions in bank[12:26:36] Not enough ranging potions in bank[12:26:36] Not enough teleport tabs in bank[12:26:36] Not enough rings of dueling in bank[12:26:36] Not enough food in bank[12:26:36] Not enough chins in bankGetting these errors while all items are present in full in my bank. Does this have to do with update?
  5. Couldn't get a screenshot but I just logged barely under 15 hours before bot failure. This is nice. The client apparently actually solved 2 maze randoms, is that fixed?
  6. He can't really make a guthans script for dusties since facemask is required. B2p would work though.
  7. It's the client. The client is responsible for solving randoms. Unfortunately the maze random is very common in the stronghold and currently the client isn't capable of solving the maze random. Although, I've had times with randoms where the bot will misclick the doors and go out and be unable to get back in.
  8. After update I've had some issues with the bot not re-equipping my weapon after using dbaxe. It instead continues to fight with DBA on. EDIT: Not sure if D skim code changed but after entering the code into the box asking for weapon code it worked fine. This should help anyone with a similar issue