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  1. Just wondering if people give out any personal info when signing up for a VPS. If not, why not. Please comment. Please vote in the poll if you are a regular user of VPS services (third-party, non tribot)
  2. vps

  3. Well 16 hours strong f2p so far to test the waters
  4. Hey guys, Just got back from a long break from gold-farming. Catching up with the game changes <3 <3
  5. I would like to know how many accounts @MNO is running
  6. @Usa Hows the 75 magic account going? If you need one, I have one I can lend you for a couple of days development
  7. Posting the following will speed up the help you receive: - VPS Specs - What OS you intend to use
  8. Avoid player auctions. I got scammed selling an account on there (only worth $10 luckily) Go with Sythe - selling for OSRS GP (not PayPal) and then sell the gold on PA. (Y)
  9. @Usa Bug Report Issue: Finding Staff Of Fire upon death - script ends. (Have loads of Staffs of Fire in bank) Cause: Unknown - happens regularly after a death of any kind. Client De-bug: [02:34:13] Oh dear, you are dead! [02:34:13] Subtracted 114,771 from our profit.[02:34:40] We do not have a Staff equipped![02:34:40] Trying to withdraw equipment again...[02:34:43] Failed withdrawing "Staff of fire".[02:34:45] We do not have a Staff equipped![02:34:45] Trying to withdraw equipment again...[02:34:45] Failed to bank 3 times. Stopping script.[02:35:05] ------------------------------