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  1. ^ This. If your using ExRunecrafter's Script- It's detected. I've created a dozen accounts, all on different ip's- and could bot for months without getting a hammer. Run his script for a few hours- and all of them are 2 day banned., To those who doubt this.., I could take a high level account, in which it has NEVER been botted- Run this script for a few hours, and tomorrow its a guaranteed banned. It's the damn script. If you STILL don't believe me- Give it a try for yourself. I've been running JJ's Auto fighter and aAgility now for 2 months on an additional 8 accounts, and haven't seen 1 account get the ban hammer. All 8 are near maxed as well. Here is what I recommend, (Based on what works for me) If it's not ABC2 supported- Don't use it. For the record: ExRunecrafter= 12- "2-day bans" from botwatch. Any other script with ABC2= 0.
  2. ^ I know he was planning on to release it,.. but the script panel showed it was updated today.. I was just checking in.
  3. All of my accounts are getting the botwatch- 2 day ban,... Is the script now ABC2? I noticed earlier today that the script was recently updated..
  4. Is there an ETA for ABC2 in ExRunecrafter? It's been 2 weeks since release, and this has me coming back daily to check for an update
  5. There isn't a runecrafting script with ABC2 yet :\
  6. Edit: NVM tribot glitched up for a moment
  7. @J J Very nice JJ- Thanks for keeping on top of your scripts
  8. Did it fix anything?
  9. Hey mark, You think they're building profiles? I mean,.. why the two day bans? If they record every click and see those perfect painted boxes like TriLes mentioned when he announced ABC2.. I think they're getting desperate. If Jagex could detect LG, wouldn't they auto-ban every account instantly?
  10. Agree with mark, if the script works flawless with ABC2, Then I'll be buying your script. Cheers -Logan
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