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  1. i cannot seem to get the combat bot to work, i cannot find a item id for "toxic blowpipe" anywhere. i messaged you on skype also. no reply yet. thanks.
  2. Never used a proxy. I'm not sure whats going on, just stopped working. going to restart the computer and see what happens.
  3. I had to edit the post with it in there. the first picture didn't publish with the topic.
  4. i have no clue whats going on with this. it was working this morning and now I'm getting this.... It just sits here and does nothing. Ive un-installed java and re-installed it twice and also did the same with the tribot loader. Can somebody point me in the correct direction to whats happening?
  5. thank you! also love your scripts man. keep in contact if you have any new things coming out!! appreciate it, Erik.
  6. hello guys, I have a script that isn't working for me anymore. I go to start the script and it says "downloading script ----------------" and it doesn't do anything. Last night it was working 100% correctly, and I am not sure why it randomly stopped. then I bought a new script from the same person who made the first one and it will not work, but others are saying its working correct. I also heard if I delete the script and add it back it will work, I tried to deactivate it and add it back, that also does nothing. Someone please help me!
  8. My brother accidentally bought some credit's on my account. And i see there is a link, where we can transfer credits.. BUT he doesnt know his "member id" where do we find out what our member id is? Thank you for your help.