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  1. Got banned today as well on my 112 account with more breaks and constant monitoring, with period of manual play. Seems they targeted Zulrah bots hard. On the other hand... If you don't mind the risk, this script is amazing and Worthy is a great guy and has the best (only?) Zulrah script out there that's flawless. Buy it if you can, but I'd recommend not being dumb and using your main like me.
  2. My bad, I didn't even look for other threads. Next time I'll use the search feature
  3. I do wish this script would add ABCL2 though, I've seen it in some other scripts and it makes things look so much more humanlike.
  4. As the title says, the screenshot feature doesn't seem to work in the Bot Panel. This is what I'm seeing, no matter how many times I use the refresh image button.
  5. Does ABCL2 have to be implemented in all premium scripts?
  6. Absolutely amazing script, but I'm getting these errors in Bot Debug (they don't seem to effect script performance at all):
  7. Definitely a bug. I think the bot clicks twice on bank chests and this causes it to click a number on the bank pin screen.
  8. Got this error while running the script. The script seems to be functioning fine, I just figured I should post any errors that get thrown. [20:55:01] The script's paint appears to be frozen. Attempting to recover the paint thread.[20:55:01] Stack Trace:[20:55:01] - java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)[20:55:01] - java.lang.Object.wait(Object.java:502)[20:55:01] - java.awt.EventQueue.invokeAndWait(EventQueue.java:1315)[20:55:01] - java.awt.EventQueue.invokeAndWait(EventQueue.java:1296)[20:55:01] - scripts.starfox.javafx.fxmlutil.z.j(FXUtil.java:71)[20:55:01] - scripts.starfox.api2007.walking.q.K(Walking07.java:99)[20:55:01] - scripts.scripting.motherlodeminerOLD.a.c.g(MotherlodePainter.java:106)[20:55:01] - scripts.scripting.motherlodeminerOLD.TauMotherlodeMiner.onPaint(TauMotherlodeMiner.java:105)[20:55:01] - obf.Ji.A(ui:212)[20:55:01] - obf.zj.run(rm:35)[20:55:01] - java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[20:55:02] The script's paint thread was recovered.
  9. Also make your password "password123" for easier bot log-in. /s On a more serious note, I get this issue a lot. Does your pin start with a 7?
  10. Try disabling your anti-virus. I was getting that error then I disabled Malwarebytes Pro.
  11. So I had some problems with the script, but it's all good now and this script is god tier. Definitely recommend this script.
  12. Ok, will do on the spoiler part. I think you might be right with the venom thing as it seems I also lost my occult necklace. I use anti-venom(+) though, so that's definitely unusual.
  13. Came back to bot and found my bot stopped with the error saying "Missing Eternal Boots". Somehow the bot lost my eternal boots, rip 6 hours. I assume the script lagged and accidentally dropped them instead of an empty vial and then teleported out. Anyway, here's the log:
  14. @Encoded, now that I got it up and running it's flawless. I apologize if I came off rude, I was just being pedantic. Script is exceptionally good, although it's been great since the start.
  15. Turned out Malwarebytes Pro blocks all Tribot in and out even with it allowed as an exception. Only after I fully disabled my antivirus by manually closing processes was I able to get it to work. I mistakenly thought that allowing exceptions for IPs, Domains, Tribot, and the .tribot folder would allow it through but it only works when Malwarebytes is disabled.