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  1. The TestScript.java class inside of eclipse? or the TestScript.class into .tribot/bin/scripts/script? to clarify.
  2. Hello. Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself to the TriBot community. My name is AlpacaLord and I have been lurking these forums for a while. I am Currently enrolled in college and am near completing my degree in computer and information technology (specializing in database administration). I am experienced with object oriented programming and I am looking towards TriBot for some practice to keep my programming skills sharp. I have no interest in using anyone else's pre-compiled scripts and I intend on creating my own. On to the issue.... After compiling a test script and pasting it into the local scripts folder. The script does not appear upon pressing "start script." Now, I have read many tutorials and followed many guides here and I have found that the most common issues for this are 1. The package needs to be named 'scripts' 2. The script needs to be named the same as the class. Both of the rules above have been followed, however, I am still unable to load my test script. I will post some screenshots in hopes that they will help anyone help me. ----- - -