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  1. Bots for Bitcoin mining

    They crash, they go up, they crash they go up all about buying when crashing and selling when up
  2. Bots for Bitcoin mining

    Use your own hardware although now a days it's not really worth mining it as people with a lot of money can buy 100x graphics cards on several different machines and just rinse it, so comparing you to having 1 or 2 cards you won't get as much as these guys maybe try investing in some and letting them rise.
  3. My client lags way too much!

    Just click client > Disable graphics it should run okay, it's just because you've realisticly got 3 runescapes open and your cpu probably can't handle it, so disable the graphics on tribot and it will still run everything perfect it just wont show you can still watch it doing stuff on the osbuddy through mirror hope this helps.
  4. Tri combat sand crabs issue

    Combat scripts are acting weird with the flickering for some people including myself also make sure your in fixed mode and not resizeable.

    Go to on to the client go to script > print script stack trace then post here, only do it after your bot has encountered the crash if possible.
  6. How do i get a refund ?

    No with the flickering people are having problems with scripts that include combat maybe not the nightmarezone and maybe not everyone will experience it, but I've experience where scripts missclick because the screen flickered at the wrong time making it think the bot clicked but it didn't etc.
  7. How do i get a refund ?

    To be honest if he's purchased a broken script he should be allowed a refund there shouldn't be broken scripts on the repo anyway people are sick of buying broken scripts with inactive owners admins need to fix it.
  8. RS Login Screen Moving Side To Side

    Think you guys have been on LSD, nah real tawk though there was just a runescape update so its gonna be like that for a lil while
  9. Now that Zul'Rah is Nerfed...

    Yeah the price of scales still isn't gonna go up anytime soon.
  10. Now that Zul'Rah is Nerfed...

    Why do black chins require the use of scales?
  11. Now that Zul'Rah is Nerfed...

    Thats like saying I hope bots stop woodcutting so the price of logs go up, never gonna happen man people are always gonna run bots on zulrah regardless of a nerf.
  12. Now that Zul'Rah is Nerfed...

    Personally I don't use Zul'rah scripts but I hate to see when updates like this happen, although they do happen I'd love to see people still be able to make there full amount of profits every hour and hopefully this isn't to much a nerf and more of a balance as it does say they've decreased some items amount they drop, but in replace for more drops of other items ect, but it's still been cut by 30 percent!
  13. So now that Zul'rah is nerfed do you think it will effect the amount of gp per hour, I'd like to hear from some people who actually own the zul'rah script, as with the new update his drop tables been nerfed by 25% let me hear what you guys think, check out the updates here!
  14. TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Sounds good to me!
  15. Fatal Client Bug 5/25/17

    This is something people should expect, it's nobody elses mess other than Jagex themselves if they didn't add stupid shit like extending a map like god damnit whens my bot ever gonna extend the god damn minimap he has Webwalker fool..