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  1. Buying All Amounts of OSRS Gold! Beating All Prices!Payment Methods: BTC/ETH/Paypal/UKBTDiscord: Smuggz#3187 UID 419202473060990977PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE CORRECT DISCORD AND REQUEST A PM BEFORE ANY TRANSACTIONS ARE MADE I HAVE AN IMPOSTER!
  2. Oh damn when did this become official, this script is well worth the investment sure I used it when It was free for the longest time
  3. I really wish there was better instructions on how to use the account creator, I fill everything in and the script starts and stop, no errors or nothing
  4. I can only use LG on one account at a time, when I try LG another same client it just says it can't find the runescape any idea?
  5. Hey used the trial of this script and thought it was amazing, although when I bought it and tried barb fishing it does okay until it comes to dropping or hopping worlds, when it goes to drop it just keeps clicking the bag not doing anything, same with world hops it clicks the door at the bottom but just keeps clicking it after a few seconds any idea what this is?
  6. Tried the trial and well I get a spam in my logger saying "We need to fix our ammo situation" I'm using blow pipe so I don't know why it took 75 steel arrows out my bank and equipped them lol.
  7. Stun alching your meant to splash the curse not actually curse the mobs, so you need to wear splashing gear, splash a curse then alch, and it can constantly cast curse/stun or whatever your splashing you can cast it as many times as you want as long as it splashes
  8. Had a few tries of this script, noticed it had problems at the duel arena bank and rogues den I was using the chest, it kept going to bank at the guy, so I switched locations, other than that it's pretty nice script but I was wondering if you can change what grape you click to jug of water because selecting the one right at the top doesn't really seem that much legit to me, could you maybe make an option to click this grape to this jug?
  9. Looking to buy 16 credits for rsgp
  10. They crash, they go up, they crash they go up all about buying when crashing and selling when up
  11. Use your own hardware although now a days it's not really worth mining it as people with a lot of money can buy 100x graphics cards on several different machines and just rinse it, so comparing you to having 1 or 2 cards you won't get as much as these guys maybe try investing in some and letting them rise.
  12. Just click client > Disable graphics it should run okay, it's just because you've realisticly got 3 runescapes open and your cpu probably can't handle it, so disable the graphics on tribot and it will still run everything perfect it just wont show you can still watch it doing stuff on the osbuddy through mirror hope this helps.
  13. Looking to buy 1 for now may buy more tomorrow.
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