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  1. No Im not locked. I got email from tribot that Miko had replied to conversation. Saw from deleted folder that someone was trying to buy or sell gp from/to him that wasnt me. So I arequestedrequestedsafetyy tribot account so he wont be able to scam anyone. I cant access my skype, but he apparently has access to that too because he requested Miko to add my original skype. I managed to change skype passworrd, but I dont have computer right now so I dont know of he managed to scam anyone yet.
  2. I get ban so the guy who compromised my account, has lower chance of scamming someone. My email was changed to [email protected] and @Miko was contacted by hacker. I manager to change password, but the hacker has my skype too. I only have my iphone right now.
  3. Requesting safety ban. My account seems to be compromised. Noone do business with me or skype ken.kauksi
  4. Scripts that have incorporated ABC or ABC2 can both have ABCL10 (Anti ban compliance level 10). Most of the scipts(if not all) will specify though when they have ABC2 incorporated to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Rip

    I've used worthys quester and have not experienced any bans.
  6. I remember collecting chisels when I was 15 or something. Good times.
  7. Soo thats 500B, 1B is going for 1.3K USD so it makes 650K USD. Not too bad, but not that great either.
  8. Bought with credit card.
  9. I would recommend to join our discord chat. A lot of the scripters are almost always online. #tribotchat
  10. You are welcome
  11. Can easily solved if buyer gives cash upfront. If someone would have a service like that they would have enough feedback.
  12. Tithe farming would be the best bet in my opinion. Blast mining minigame doesn't count the time for gathering supplies for dynamite in its profit calculations. Havent really tried yet how much you will use per hour but i'm fairly sure that buying or making dynamite will cut the profit in half or more.
  13. On tribot -> File -> Delete cached clients
  14. I need this too.