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  1. sent a ticket about my proxies on the new ip's i want whitelisted nobody has responded to the emails i sent tho...
  2. Requesting Private Script

    Requesting Private script pm me on Tribot if you are down to do it I will pm you the info to it and also, I'm ready to pay ASAP depending on price
  3. Looking to buy lvl3 accounts

    I thought montreal was mod lol
  4. Looking to buy lvl3 accounts

    https://virtualbuddy.org/collections/runescape-accounts/products/pre-made-oldschool-runescape-accounts website ran by some TriBot mods
  5. TRiBot Bot Control Panel

  6. Proxys

    http://socks5proxies.net/ is where I got my proxies
  7. What books would you recommend for learning java?

    To be honest this sounds interesting I've always wanted to get into learning Java but I just wanna know how long it will take.
  8. What is going on?

    I usually check the scripters profile to even see if he is active on forums
  9. TRiBot Release 9.303_0

    Yes thank you!
  10. getting back into botting/small farming, need advice

    All I have to say is "High ban rates" depending on what you do.
  11. Bug: Cannot reply on "Help and Guidance"

    My topic actually you are right I cant even reply to my own topic
  12. I started doing this about 3 weeks ago but honestly I thought I would give up easily and quit and move on but its honestly something I enjoy to do. Alright so since im new im asking is 80k gp/hr good? im running 8 bots which is 640k an hour I may be lucky and get around 90-100k an hour but that's not on all accounts, Im also not here to ask for anyone's methods because I know the answers already "Be creative do research and find methods" trust me I've done that its hard... I bot from monday-friday for about 6-8 hours and Friday-Sunday for about 15+ hours. Anyways is 80k gp/hr good? or should I find better methods? I'm also thinking about expanding my farm and doubling to 16 accounts. I've been banned before when I started a 5 man farm 4 accounts were doing the method i'm doing now 80k gp/hr and then the fifth account was a suicide shark bot which I made 112k an hour but then my farm was terminated after 2 weeks of running and all accounts were banned imo I think the shark botting account is what chain banned my farm im smarter now and I'm using proxies but yeah I need advice if what im doing is a good method or if I should strive for more gp/hr