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  1. I'm on my 11th day so far and I must say its a great script. Always stable and no bans so far. However, I found a major flaw when I babysitted it yesterday. When it killed a revenant and clicked another one, the loot appeared while running to the next one, the mouse tried to click the loot pile, but because the new rev was far away it couldn't reach it (the camera stood still) and didn't run back to it and didn't move for a while after killing the new one, looking like it didn't know what to do. Maybe add that it will click the mini map or move the camera in situations like this? I can't imagine how many rare drops were missed from this.
  2. I'm thinking about moving some of my rev bots to this script once they get strong enough. I was wondering what a realistic GP/PH rate would be with 90 range, 80 mage and 70 def. Thanks!
  3. Any long time script users here? How are the ban rates without LG? I find LG slows things down drastically.
  4. Script stops working after I press start. Restarting the client helps but its quite annoying. Any ideas? Also, it does not repot pray/range pots even though they're turned on at the start.
  5. Do you guys use different proxies/vpn's for every instance? If not, have any of you experienced IP bans? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm currently botting something unusual which only works when the camera stays put. I was wondering how I can disable Anti-ban or if theres another way to achieve this. Thank you. Edit: I'm on a iMac, if that makes any difference.
  7. Hi, its been two days since my request and was wondering if you are going to refund me. I dont want to waste our time and open a dispute. Thanks!
  8. Does this bot still works?
  9. I'm giving it another try! The client gets really laggy when I start the script now, so laggy that it wont click the ladder when the game starts resulting in being kicked back to the lobby. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. I just got banned after 850 tickets. Pretty much my fault though as I started botting ~16 hours a day at times.
  11. Thats great news! Good luck with it, cant wait to see the finished product. I'm sure it will be great.
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