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  1. Hope rs3 will be supported again!
  2. Thanks for the hq reply =D , checking out your repo right now fellow dutchie
  3. Will do thanks
  4. Aha okay thanks anyways was just thinking i could help the community out on that.. I'll go expand 07 then haha
  5. Ahh okay thanks.. Thought lets help this community out but then ill stick to 07:p
  6. Please stay on topic
  7. Hey fellow programmers, i am thinking about spending time in programming for tribot and i already had contact with a few programmers over here. Now i was browsong arround as usual when i thought lets check the RS3 section.. I see there are only a few scripts in there and i was thinking why not start there! So my quesion now is is the API as good as the 07 one? And how about tutorials are the tutorials cross platform or not? Please leave any info! Thanks alot
  8. This should be used also for any dungeons
  9. Still need one hit me up on skype : sgroenland
  10. Ahh too bad just got 2 accounts banned lv80s.. Was hunting grey chins 9hrs a day with breaks.. Anyways the script ruless!! And i will continue !
  11. Script works like a charm for me (did crimsons and grey chins so far) going to try red chins soon! Only my signature won't update?(on your site hiscores it does but not de dynamic sig??
  12. Alright i hope it will be up soon can't wait to use it!
  13. @Assume when will this script be available again and what pricings will you provide?
  14. I used to Goldfarm back in the day i am just starting again and now on OS instead of RS3. I must say thisis a clean guide and will work also to prevent chainbans just use proxies for each account it will cost a bit more but will result in less bans so longer enjoyment.. Also for beginners don't go into a shit load of accounts just build your way up and don't get greedy Oh and btw you forgot to calculate the prices for the ores to make bars
  15. ohhhh dayumm can't wait till next week to buy this! if anyone knows what are the current rates on red chins and black chins? (with hunter level you are at?) Thanks!