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  1. add me on skype: bbradlen
  2. how do I change the equipment with the open source.
  3. I will donate if you make a shortcut support. Shouldn't take long s
  4. Bump! "Re-Open" had troubles with laptop. Now I'm back! add me on skype
  5. Will you make shortcut support?
  6. Make sure to follow all the steps he puts in his thread. Also put it as a reply to his script's thread.
  7. Just unlucky my dude. Not totally his fault for getting hacked. He's a trusted member of the site and contributes a good amount. I don't support your claim sorry. Try to get a refund if possible.
  8. Cook them yourself
  9. Skype: bbradlen
  10. Thank you everyone
  11. ' I know this is not the "correct section", but I figured this will get me more attention. Also why not make your script appealing. Best of all it's free! Only taking so many at a time, but I don't mind doing this for free because I enjoy making anything with Photoshop. Add me on Skype: bbradlen Previous work 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8..
  12. That's really good work
  13. Works great! keep up the good work broski skype: bbradlen if you want a free paint Just check my thread out in my signature if you're interested
  14. what do you wish to buy