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  1. So i've been on and off bitting for the past year, i always end up with this error that doesn't;'t allow my credit card to go through because it says it could be fraud, how am i suppose to go around this? it's really annoying i want to get vip and buy a script please help.
  2. @mysteriousscripter how do i see other peoples ember id
  3. my ip is constantly changing i spent good money and ran out of vip, and cant even use the tabs... which is a big pain and a waste. every card i try to use it says its prevent fraud... and its just irritating... please help.. @TRiLeZ
  4. how do i find out my member id so i can like transfer credits?
  5. keep getting the above message please help i dont use a vpn or anything..
  6. Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent.
  7. tried using my wifes card to bu some credits cause i left mine in the car... now even if i use her card or my original card it says its fraudulent.. help im losing precious multiple script running time.. out of vip.. please a fix asap.
  8. i forgot mine please helpppppp
  9. Thanks guys works smoothly <3
  10. having the same issue. anyone got a fix?