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  1. Runescape is having problem. Not tribot.
  2. @TacoManStan Can you also send me a copy of this discussion of an extended feature on the scrip,possibliy?
  3. In all actuality, it's a 3 dice system, in which at first, attack and defense dices are rolled(having attack/defense max hit amount of dies) and if the attack roll is higher, the strength dice is rolled from 1 to strength max hit to determine the damage dealt. Not much use of this for dragon claws spec as it has some different mechanics for dealing damage than any other special weapon. All max hits are basically calculated based on the same equation but for the magic defense one, you just need some knowledge of the stacking for special effects.
  4. can it be base on the http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/ (runescaple official osGE) or is that not possible?
  5. 250-500k/hr with 82m stack https://gyazo.com/6b0863e4fcc5e2366ebf3859fdef8a6f (Take alot of trial and errors) I belive that this is not perfect and I wish i can get closer to 1m/hr.
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