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  1. voted no
  2. Bought another 10 credits. Everything done in about 2 mins. Fast and reliable as always. Thanks.
  3. What are you guys averaging on cannonballs an hour? I'm steady around 1450-1550 with the anti ban set at 100. Is that about the norm?
  4. Ran it on and off 5 hours last night. Very nice script and suprised it is not a premium yet. Was avging maybe 150k an hour on only herbs. Hard to find a world on the weekend so ill try again monday for a longer proggy.
  5. I bet she flies through that cooking part though.
  6. Didnt say it did. I was playing league of legends and wanted to bot same time. Grats on the 99. How long do you think that took you?
  7. Did you ever figure this out? Mine is having the same issue. Restarted client uninstalled reinstalled
  8. 5 credits bought nice and smooth as usual ty
  9. Made it 1-85 with this script in about 5 days give or take going at a decent pace. Got a little greedy today though and tried turning off the graphics on the client and it went super super slow and I think thats what caused me to get banned. Great script though. Just got careless.
  10. bought another 10. Fast reply, fast transaction. 10/10 Will use again.
  11. This can be closed/locked. Got the creds.
  12. Bought 12 credits, Arctic waited while I was in a league of legend game for me lmao. Trade completed on a 40 sec death timer. Legit and very fast. Will use again.