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  1. Blowpipe with mith darts. I've done it with a pure wearing pure gear was getting over 90khr at like 85 range up to 99 Currently using blowpipe on a 81 range voider getting 81k hr
  2. Theres a tab to the right of that 5% that you can select and it'll bring down a dropbox. You can increase the percentage from there. Works great for buying the ores etc too.
  3. Got banned today while at work. Will keep using as I have 0 issues with the bot. Just need to find out what I did wrong in the settings. If anyone has any ideas? It just kept repeating looking for coal in the debug? I had 20k coal / 20k Iron in the bank. @Naton
  4. i went from 75-99 range with this script about 4 months ago. How is it holding up im looking to repeat <.<
  5. Being quarantined sucks, but not enough to get void legitly. Haven't seen any recent posts, hows this bot working out before I go buying it.
  6. nNightmareZone I've always been worried about botting combat as its more likely to have others around who can report you. Read such good reviews on this script so tried it and never looked back. 99 range, 90+ str 90+hp 75 attack all from here on my pure. I never doubt this script or fear a ban when I get home from work when running this.
  7. Got a 2 day ban for being dumb and stun alching. I'm not putting down the script! I just 100% think stun alching is asking for trouble. That being said. I went from 78-99 mage being smart alching at ge w2. 10-12 hours a day setting a safe spot and just not being greedy. Awesome script thanks again.
  8. I've botted a long time, and many accounts lmao. This script though might be the best I've ever used. Wish I found it sooner
  9. I start the script, it ran a few laps, and now it just keeps bringing me to my keybinding settings. Anyone had this issue?
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