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  1. danny689

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I start the script, it ran a few laps, and now it just keeps bringing me to my keybinding settings. Anyone had this issue?
  2. Been running this on my pure. From 1 attack to 59 atm. Always been a great reliable script.
  3. What are you guys averaging on cannonballs an hour? I'm steady around 1450-1550 with the anti ban set at 100. Is that about the norm?
  4. Ran it on and off 5 hours last night. Very nice script and suprised it is not a premium yet. Was avging maybe 150k an hour on only herbs. Hard to find a world on the weekend so ill try again monday for a longer proggy.
  5. Didnt say it did. I was playing league of legends and wanted to bot same time. Grats on the 99. How long do you think that took you?
  6. Did you ever figure this out? Mine is having the same issue. Restarted client uninstalled reinstalled
  7. Made it 1-85 with this script in about 5 days give or take going at a decent pace. Got a little greedy today though and tried turning off the graphics on the client and it went super super slow and I think thats what caused me to get banned. Great script though. Just got careless.
  8. Tried the website for literally a whole day and got nothing but "please try again laters"
  9. danny689

    Botting on flagged IP

    I always wondered myself how that all worked. Do they really flag ips? I mean wouldnt that be a shit ton of IPS they'd have to keep checking regularly? I think it comes down to what you are botting and what script you're using. I've suicided basically like 4 or 5 accounts at chickens and fletching and other places all banned within a day or 2. Now by that realm my ip should be flagged. I then made a new acc. Botted it slowly. Att str def each a little at a time over a few days taking breaks and doing other stuff with it. So far its like a week and not banned. I've also botted fishing on it, woodcutting. But not like crazy levels at a time. Mind you its all on the same ip that i've had like 4 or 5 accounts banned in the past 10 days. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Ahhh I jinxed myself. Keep getting this message. Tried a couple diff times just to see. It does one inventory then banks but doesnt deposit the bows, then I get this message at the bottom. Gonna lay off fletching for a bit.
  11. @Bortmon I dont have looking glass mode. I've only just started playing/botting again so am just testing some stuff to see if im gonna end up spending money again on scripts and vip and all that fun stuff.