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  1. It heavily depends on your maximum upload speed. Go to www.speedtest.net and see what your upload speed is.
  2. I've tried the free version of this script and I found it to be working kind of slow and sub-optimal. Also there are some behaviors that I feel could be easily detected by Jagex, making this script unsafe to use. I hope you use this feedback to improve your script. Powermining using the Mine 1 - Drop 1 method It seems to detect when an ore is mined at an inhuman level. It literally drops the ore the millisecond another ore is mined. There is no apparent 'reaction time'.After dropping an ore the script always pauses for about 1 second in which it just does nothing. The XP per hour would be much higher if it didn't pause for so long after every 'rotation'.Powermining in general It's a bit slow and keeps hovering the same rock when it's mining the ore. It would be faster, and more human looking, if it started hovering the next minable rock whilst it is mining.Other than that it seems like a solid script. Just my 2 cents. Right now I feel a bit uncomfortable using it, but I'm too lazy to mine myself so I just babysit the bot while it does it's work... EDIT: I also seem to have stumbled upon a bug where it drops gems that are in my inventory even though I have "Drop Gems" unticked in the settings.
  3. @Starfox Can you make it so that it stops automatically logging out after you stop the script manually? It's starting to get annoying that every time I stop my script I have to log in again. I think it makes the script more detectable by Jagex too.
  4. @amaubin @pkedyuh @clealog15 I fixed the issue by uninstalling Avast! Antivirus. Seems like it was somehow blocking something necessary, even though I had most of it's features disabled! Try disabling or uninstalling your antivirus software and see if it works.
  5. Please note that this started happening BEFORE the RuneScape update of today.
  6. @TRiLeZ Since yesterday I can no longer use Looking Glass and I can't figure out why. It seems that I am the only person having this problem. Edit: Other people seem to be having this problem too. Things I have already tried are: Restarting the Client and the RS ClientOpening the RS Client in a browser instead of OSBuddyUpdating my Java (Both JRE and JDK)Making sure the Java security permissions are set to Full ControlRebuilding my TRiBot folder in %appdata%Creating a new user account in Windows and installing a fresh copy of OSBuddy and TRiBot thereI feel like I've tried everything possible already! Please help!
  7. Script does not work when using the butler mode... TO HOUSE: Started in House HOUSE LOCATION: Relekka TO BANK: No TABLET: Lumbridge USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: False USE SERVANT: True Issue(s) Experienced: Bot doesn't unnote clay at the servant, keeps repeatedly trying to make tele tabs even though no unnoted soft clay is in inventory
  8. Tried to run the trial but it doesn't seem to work right now. Is it an issue with Tribot?
  9. Is this script still functional? Haven't been reading much good the last few replies... EDIT: I just bought it, it seems to run fine for crafting jewellery. I think there's room for improvement though. Especially for the price of this script.. (Seriously, 10$ per month?) For that price I'd expect the script to run faster. And no, I don't mean a faster mouse speed. I mean it needs to stop taking breaks after every action. The script doesn't run "fluidly" at all, if that makes sense. Right now it's too much of "click -> wait until action completed -> click -> wait until action completed -> click -> etc." I hope you will look into this because it would definitely make the script top notch and worthy of it's price imo.
  10. I PMed the author of this script to let him know about these issues. He said he will be working on improving the script starting today, since he had exams last week. So most likely we'll be able to use this script properly soon!
  11. Thanks for the quick help. EDIT: Been watching it run for a while. I'm not too satisfied with how it plays. This is on the Novice boat with a combat level 62 account. I'm using LG too. Here's my settings: The Problems: It keeps running all around the island and often times I end up having not done enough damage to get points. Some sort of system to make sure it has enough points at the end of a game would be good.On that same note. When running to the next portal it sometimes takes long detours because one of the gates gets closed on the way there.There is no option to use the quickprayer button.There should be an option to not use a clan chat.Basically, it's forcing me to use the Defend option which is one of the most obviously bot-like ways to play PC if you ask me... I hope you will use my tips to improve your bot
  12. I purchased the 15 days version to see how it runs. It changed my brightness to something lower and then it started spamming the blow kiss emote. Am I missing something? Also for what reason is it lowering the screen brightness?
  13. Why is there no Trial for this script? I tried the only other premium PC script but it sucked...
  14. Yep, experiencing this too. When starting the script it says: Login bot started.Login Bot: Login...Then it gets stuck on that and never does anything.