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  1. Thanks for the update, but after the gui is complete, the bot logs off.
  2. any chance you can add "open GUI" option while script is running?
  3. hey i've added you on skype, i'd like to have a talk about your script
  4. i'm running at 3.8ghz and it seems to be fine with tribot thanks
  5. What you mean cuzz, you got teamviewer bro ? msg me man i need this thing working asap
  6. It doesn't work when I download it, I extract put it into the folder for tribot it comes up as Air Runecrafter please fix it?
  7. after used 7.7 the bot runs north of zammy mage and does nothing, also after it teleports to house it sits there "status: teleporting to house"
  8. this has been getting stuck in teleport random and it doesn't reconise it...sits logged in for hours, its the random where you click on the odd one out
  9. yeah this is causing issues meaning botting while not babysitting is useless
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