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    Cyra middleman services
  1. Delete it , go to download it again , re install the tribot clients as well and it should be sorted
  2. I need 1-65 range , done hand trained , only letting trusted member do , please add me on Skype @ Englishcallum
  3. Just be patient
  4. idk
  5. We have now discovered tat this is a young child. lmfao ,
  6. Erm these are the videos 12 year olds watch , have fun with your child humour
  7. what they should do is make it so you have to have a high construction level to build the ships if it gets released then it would have more point and cost more and help gold prices rise , as that should happen
  8. Hi just purchased this pc , due to arrive tomo , im not using this for botting but for streaming xbox one what do you reckon and what is good about it and bad as I have no idea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.ebuyer.com/666627-hp-pavilion-500-desktop-pc-k2f26ea-abu this is the link to the pc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Welcome , enjoy tribot , need any questing come to me , need any gold go to bellic
  10. Nice work , will help many scripters to implement these examples into their scripts
  11. Due to being busy I cant make any , so I need someone else to do them hand done I have premade accs for you to use , add me on Skype@ englishcallum
  12. Hi there , I am a xbox one gamer and I am wanting to start streaming on twitch. ive bought a hd pvr 2 gaming edition , and I have a standard Toshiba laptop with no great processor and that just standard. will I be able to manage streaming via obs . so connecting my pvr to my xbox and laptop , will it handle it , or will it destroy the quality and make the stream lag , I have also invested in a internet Box for my room to improve internet so will I be able to stream xbox one via obs on twitch?